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How to Thrive as an Executive Assistant

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Brooke Bastain shares her journey from unemployment to becoming an executive assistant at Conga, highlighting her experience at the Movember Foundation. She discusses the challenges and importance of the EA role in maintaining company culture through change, navigating acquisitions, setting boundaries, and providing honest feedback. The importance of confidence, communication, and collaboration for EAs is emphasized, along with the need for executives to understand how to utilize EAs effectively. The Fabric podcast, hosted by Michael Ashford and produced by James Jordan, promotes the receptionist for iPad visitor management system with a free trial.

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Brooke Bastain's journey from unemployment to becoming an executive assistant at Conga.
Brooke's experience working for the Movember Foundation, a Men's Health Organization, which raises funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health through growing mustaches in November.
Brooke's temporary role at the Movember Foundation turned into an eight-year commitment.
The impact of taking opportunities and supporting meaningful causes is highlighted in Brooke's story.
Brooke's journey from managing a small team in a two-bedroom apartment to becoming an executive assistant.
Brooke played a key role in relocating the office and contributing to the growth of the company.
Her experience at the Movember Foundation paved the way for her current position at Conga in Denver.
Brooke initially considered freelancing but discovered her passion for office work and the behind-the-scenes aspect of being an executive assistant.
She values being behind the scenes and supporting the business rather than being the face of it.
Importance of the Executive Assistant Role in Maintaining Company Culture.
The speaker chose the Conga executive assistant role for its tech industry experience.
The role offers variety, including event planning and strategic insight.
Despite potential overwhelm, the speaker remains calm and collected with executive support.
Close collaboration with various departments is essential for prioritizing tasks effectively.
Challenges and uncertainties in a company acquisition.
Fear of losing jobs and the importance of empathy and confidentiality are highlighted.
The need to navigate blending two cultures is emphasized.
Remote work poses difficulties in the context of company acquisitions.
Importance of being calm, cool, and collected as an EA.
Executive assistants play a key role in making people feel comfortable and identifying company weaknesses.
Setting boundaries and saying no to tasks that do not align with their role is crucial.
EAs may be taken advantage of if not working for the right person.
Executives must understand how to utilize an EA effectively.
Importance of confidence and communication for executive assistants.
Being supportive, assertive, and collaborative is key.
Building relationships, speaking up, and pushing executives in decision-making are emphasized.
Fun and collaboration are essential values in the role.
Executives need EAs who are willing to challenge and provide honest feedback, not just agree.
Overview of The Fabric Podcast.
Hosted by Michael Ashford, directed by James Jordan, with video episodes available on receptionist.com fabric.
Promotes the receptionist for iPad visitor management system with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.
Encourages viewers to try the system before committing.
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