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Cheapest APSC autofocus portrait lens Viltrox AF 56mm 1.7 (APS-C Fujifilm X / Sony E / Nikon Z )

Richard Wong2024-04-04
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The video reviews the budget-friendly wito 56mm f1.7 lens for various camera brands, highlighting its fast autofocus capabilities and decent image quality. Despite some softness at f1.7, the lens performs well at higher apertures, with minimal aberrations and acceptable lens flare control. Vignetting improves at f2.8, and distortion can be corrected in post-processing. The compact and lightweight design, along with its surprising low price of $139, make it a great value for money option compared to the pricier f1.4 lens.

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Review of the new wito 56mm f1.7 lens for Fuji X, Sony E, and Nikon Z cameras.
The lens is priced at $139 and praised for its fast autofocus capabilities.
A comparison is made with the more expensive wito 56mm f1.4 lens, focusing on differences in aperture and build quality.
Despite its plastic construction, the f1.7 lens is commended for its compact and lightweight design.
The lens features an STM stepping motor for autofocus, providing decent performance and smooth operation, with positive feedback on autofocus accuracy and usability under various conditions.
Review of WEO 56mm f1.7 lens in Adobe Lightroom.
The lens is soft at f1.7 but sharpens at higher apertures in both center and corners.
Minimum focus distance and bokeh quality are compared to the f1.4 lens.
Vignetting issues present at f1.7 but improve at f2.8.
Detailed analysis of lens performance and characteristics provided in review.
Performance of f/1.7 lens
The f/1.7 lens has minimal comatic aberration and color fringing, with distortion that can be corrected in post-processing.
Lens flare control is acceptable for its price, but may not produce great sunstars and has coma at the corners.
Stopping down the lens improves performance, despite moderate focus breathing.
Surpasses expectations in autofocus speed, image quality, and overall performance compared to a more expensive f/1.4 lens.
Highlights of f1.7 Lens Review
The f1.7 lens is compact, lightweight, and similar to the f1.4 lens.
Surprisingly, the f1.7 lens is being sold for only $39, making it a great value for money.
The speaker is impressed by the quality of the lens, considering it one of the best they have tested recently.