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How to set up an Amazon PPC Campaign in 2024 - Step-by-Step Guide

Mina Elias2024-03-28
3K views|3 months ago
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The video provides tips for creating successful Amazon PBC campaigns, emphasizing the importance of naming conventions, product organization, and structuring campaigns with one ad group and five keywords. The speaker recommends a minimum budget of $100 for each campaign and explains the strategy of running only one ad group to control budget allocation. They also discuss optimizing campaigns with negative keywords, dynamic bidding, and Amazon's machine learning. The video is sponsored by Amazon Ads, encouraging viewers to check out their guides for best practices in setting up campaigns for success.

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Tips for Setting Up Successful Sponsor Product Ads Campaigns on Amazon.
Importance of naming conventions for ad groups and campaigns to stay organized.
Use of product codes for organization and structuring campaigns with one ad group and no more than five keywords.
Recommended minimum budget of $100 for each campaign.
Insights based on experience managing various brands and campaigns for successful Amazon advertising.
Importance of running only one ad group on Amazon for better budget control and keyword allocation.
Amazon tends to split the budget unevenly between ad groups, leading to some groups receiving more budget than others.
By having only one ad group, the speaker can control the flow of the budget to specific keywords.
The speaker limits the number of keywords to five to ensure each keyword receives adequate budget allocation.
Setting up campaigns with the right portfolio and dividing campaigns based on targeting groups are key for better performance.
Optimizing Amazon ad campaigns through negative keywords, dynamic bidding strategies, and leveraging machine learning.
Prefer 'up and down only' bidding for conservative budgeting and improved performance.
Thanking Amazon for sponsoring the video and promoting Amazon Ads' guides for best practices.
Emphasizing the importance of setting up campaigns on Amazon for success.
Encouraging viewer engagement and questions.