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Jordan Maxwell | Dogmatic Theology Series | Part 7

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The video delves into hidden knowledge throughout history, touching on topics like devil worship, the influence of powerful entities in shaping historical events, and the control of information by elite groups. It explores the transition from the Roman Empire to the Roman Catholic Church, the funding behind Adolf Hitler's rise to power, and the symbolism of ancient symbols like the six-pointed star. The speaker emphasizes the importance of seeking wisdom and knowledge independently, questioning established beliefs, and delving into the depths of history to uncover hidden truths. The segment encourages audience engagement and offers access to additional resources for further exploration.

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Discussion of listener questions and feedback.
Emphasis on clarifying misconceptions about devil worship and addressing criticism towards the content.
Importance of understanding the concept of God and respect for differing perspectives.
Information provided on accessing additional resources and content on the host's website for deeper exploration of topics.
Engagement with audience inquiries to provide clarity on the show's themes and intentions.
Speaker's upbringing in a Catholic family and curiosity about religions and beliefs.
Desire to understand and defend beliefs intelligently.
Seeking answers about God and the universe as a child.
Reflection on limitations of organized religion and need for personal exploration.
Emphasis on seeking knowledge independently rather than relying on established institutions.
Relationship with Manly P. Hall
The speaker received valuable research volumes from Hall's library in his will, dating back to 1936.
The speaker was deeply honored and shocked by this gesture, as he greatly admired Hall's brilliance and insight.
The speaker honored Hall with an award for his contributions to esoteric and occult subjects through the United Sensitives of America organization.
Highlights of Manly P. Hall's Life and Legacy
Manly P. Hall was a renowned scholar who focused on religion, philosophy, and government.
He encouraged questioning beliefs and seeking knowledge beyond traditional teachings.
Hall traveled globally during the Great Depression, collecting unique findings for his personal library.
His legacy lives on through the university he founded, the Philosophical Research Society.
Importance of Hidden Knowledge in History
Emphasizes the significance of research and study in uncovering hidden knowledge throughout history.
Reveals connections between the origins of words and concepts to ancient civilizations.
Highlights lack of awareness among the general population regarding true history and earth's artifacts.
Explores the role of individuals dedicated to teaching profound wisdom that often goes unnoticed, conveying the significance of delving into the depths of history and knowledge.
Discovery of ancient artifacts indicating intelligent life on Earth.
Uncovering handmade objects, such as pyramid-like structures, submerged underwater.
Discussion on hidden knowledge controlled by a select group and manipulation of the general population by powerful entities.
Exploration of the military origins of terms like 'sir' and the influence of money in shaping history.
Encouragement for viewers to awaken to unseen forces governing society and seek out hidden truths.
The funding behind Adolf Hitler's military machine and the rise of the Nazi empire.
Mainstream historians attribute the funding to Fritz Tyson, but mathematically, it's improbable for him to have provided the necessary funds.
A conglomerate of powerful individuals in banking, insurance, and other industries likely supported Hitler.
Wealthy elites protect each other to maintain their wealth and influence, while the average person bears the financial burden.
Hitler's financial backing allowed him to almost conquer the world, demonstrating the influence of money in shaping historical events.
American corporations and banking institutions supported Adolf Hitler during World War II.
Big banks like Rockefeller's and Morgan Guaranty Trust were found to have financed and supplied Hitler's regime.
The involvement of these entities, along with collaboration from newspapers like the New York Times, reveals a darker side to American history.
Researchers like Anthony Sutton have explored the hidden world of finance behind the Nazis, exposing the intricate web of support that facilitated Hitler's rise to power.
The transition from the Roman Empire to the Roman Catholic Church in 325 A.D. marked the official founding of the church and the Vatican as its center.
After the fall of Rome, the church picked up the pieces with influence from international banking cartels.
The Roman Catholic Church's role in history is explored, shedding light on its connection to ancient powers.
Governance of Rome by figures like Caesar is discussed in relation to the church.
The segment delves into how powerful families control governments and manipulate world events for their own interests.
International banking cartels are shown to influence conflicts in the Middle East to access ancient resources.
Asian empires are absent in global history discussions, despite their significant impact.
Experts like Joseph Farrell and Peter Levinda discuss the influence of ancient Eastern cultures on current world dynamics.
The dialogue uncovers deep historical connections between East and West, revealing hidden layers of global power dynamics.
Discussion on Devil's Bible and ancient scriptures.
Jordan highlights wordplay between 'devil' and 'evil' and mentions untranslated scriptures in Hindu and Tibetan cultures.
Ancient manuscripts contain knowledge about the universe, life origins, and control of living entities dating back thousands of years.
Jordan emphasizes the importance of translating these texts, which provide profound insights into cosmic mysteries and human existence.
Importance of Ancient Scriptures and Hidden Knowledge.
Powerful individuals control access to knowledge, using distractions like sports to keep the masses unaware.
Speaker encourages viewers to visit his research website to explore information from brilliant minds and important figures.
Emphasis on the vast amount of hidden information waiting to be discovered.
Invites viewers to engage with the material on his website.
Speaker reflects on living in poverty, relying on donations, and facing opposition for beliefs.
Speaker emphasizes importance of seeking knowledge and reflects on experiences with Manly P. Hall.
Despite age, speaker remains dedicated to educating others and preparing for global catastrophes.
Speaker hints at knowledge that could shock and endanger him and others.
Highlights complexity and danger of the world he has experienced.
Origin and Symbolism of the Star of David.
The star is historically linked to the planet Saturn and has significance in ancient beliefs and worship.
The star's presence on the American dollar bill and other emblems ties back to ancient beliefs and the worship of Saturn.
The segment highlights the star's association with Jewish culture and debunks misconceptions about its origins.
It also discusses the Babylonian origins of the hexagram symbol and its enduring representation in modern society.
Symbolism of the Five-Pointed Star
The five-pointed star holds historical and symbolic importance, representing the human body and elements in esoteric understanding.
American Culture Connection
The star is linked to American culture, evident in the flag and Hollywood's Walk of Stars.
Manly P. Hall's Beliefs
Manly P. Hall believed in a special destiny for the country and discussed its connection to Atlantis.
Concept of the Cornerstone
The cornerstone, symbolizing Jesus in Christianity, is explained as the first block of a building, not necessarily Jesus himself as stated in the Bible.
The significance of the chief cornerstone in Hebrew theology and its connection to the symbolism of the Messiah and the pyramid.
The pyramid represents the human body and the fire in the middle symbolizes sexual generation.
Seeking wisdom and knowledge, questioning belief systems, and examining the origins of religious institutions are important.
Understanding hidden truths is emphasized, along with the encouragement to visit the speaker's website for further learning.
Discussion on upcoming shows and future agenda.
Travel plans to Los Angeles fall through, leading to the decision to continue the show next week.
Emphasis on sending questions, engaging in productive conversations, and encouraging donations for research efforts.
Importance of joining research society for access to materials and information.
Highlighting the significance of reasonable questions and active listener engagement through various channels.