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I’ve got bad news about Season 4’s release

The Chosen2024-03-10
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The video discusses the financial challenges of producing a show, emphasizing the need for viewer support to cover production costs and ensure free access for a global audience. Plans to expedite the release post-resolution of legal matters are highlighted, with a focus on transparency and audience needs. Efforts to sustain the show for free on a chosen app, with changes in release strategy and increased accessibility, are emphasized. The organization aims to provide the show for free and translated into multiple languages, encouraging viewer contributions to support the continuation of the series worldwide.

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Delays in Season 4 release due to legal matters.
Legal challenges are being addressed to ensure long-term sustainability and free access for viewers.
Plans for the show's future and efforts to expedite release post-resolution are emphasized.
Commitment to transparency and prioritizing audience needs in decision-making process.
High costs and challenges of funding an independent show.
Need for financial support to cover production, marketing, translations, and other operational expenses.
Less than 5% of viewers contribute financially despite being a highly watched show globally.
Importance of maintaining a free show while facing significant financial burden.
Highlighting the challenge of sustaining production and reaching a wide audience worldwide.
Financial challenges faced in producing a show.
Low percentage of viewers contribute financially to the show, contrasting with revenue generated by movies in theaters such as 'Sound of Freedom'.
High costs associated with maintaining a show with multiple seasons, ongoing translation, marketing, and company operations.
Emphasis on the need for sustainable income generation to continue producing the show for free, as the current financial model is unsustainable.
Distribution costs are a significant portion of the company's expenses.
Free streaming of the show is delayed due to financial and logistical reasons.
The show aims to remain sustainable while keeping its content free.
Despite frustrations, the high cost of the show justifies the delay in free streaming.
The team is focused on making the show available for free on the chosen app indefinitely.
Nonprofit organization expanding access to content through financing and translations.
Organization providing opportunities to watch season 4 in theaters and online, with discounts available.
Focus on making content accessible and affordable to a wider audience.
Plans to release new episodes at a faster pace than before.
Changes to Release Strategy for "The Chosen" App
Live streams and quicker episode releases will occur twice a week for the chosen app.
The entire season will also be available at once for viewers who prefer that option.
Nonprofit organization Come and See is working to provide "The Chosen" series for free and in multiple languages.
Efforts are being made to overcome delays and challenges to keep the show sustainable and free for all viewers.
Global Expansion and Support for the Show
Viewers are encouraged to contribute through purchasing tickets, donations, prayers, or spreading the word.
The speaker expresses gratitude for current support and stresses the significance of ongoing collaboration.
Despite some bad news, enthusiasm for the show's future is high.
Viewers can look forward to future updates.