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This video WILL impact the way that you feel about the Greys! Channeled message to humanity 👽💫🛸

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The video delves into the hive mind mentality of aliens known as the Grays, discussing DNA tweaking and goal-oriented behavior. It challenges misconceptions created by media and explores infinite realities and free will choice in shaping experiences. The importance of Joy and connectedness with the universe is emphasized, along with the concept of reconnection instead of abduction. Energetic shifts and dormant DNA activation for human evolution are highlighted. Extraterrestrial beings aim to educate and guide humanity towards understanding their essence and fostering love and appreciation.

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Discussion on hive mind mentality among aliens known as the Grays.
Certain sections of the Grays have a hive mind mentality due to DNA tweaking, focused on achieving specific goals.
Contrasting individualistic Grays with hive mind Grays, the latter being more programmed and less empathetic.
Hive mind mentality affects compassion and individual perspectives, prioritizing goal-oriented behavior over empathy.
Discussion on the hive mentality and varying roles of gray aliens.
Gray aliens are not a singular species but have diverse exploration themes and roles within their society.
Society's media and movies present a limited view of gray aliens, affecting understanding.
The concept of infinite versions of gray aliens with diverse exploration themes is difficult for humans to grasp compared to other alien beings.
Media programming has influenced misconceptions about extraterrestrial beings, including gray aliens.
Importance of free will and personal power in shaping individual experiences.
Frequency and vibration determine the versions of reality one attracts.
Encouragement for self-awareness and empowerment to create one's own story.
Discussion on breaking free from limiting beliefs to access the universe's infinite possibilities.
The speaker explores the concept of Joy as connectedness to the universe.
Our awareness of our connection to the universe determines our experience of Joy.
Evolving perspectives and narratives are discussed, including communication with a more evolved version of a 'gray' being.
The segment explores the concept of reconnection and re-acquaintance for collective evolution.
Emphasis is placed on choosing true essence over individual power and the activation of dormant DNA for faster human species development.
The idea of soul contracts is introduced, highlighting a collective plea for help and enhancement.
Through reconnection on 'ships,' dormant DNA is tweaked to allow increased access to consciousness.
The role of collective energy in advancing human illumination and development is examined in the segment.
The concept of alien abductions challenges the idea of a limited three-dimensional world, prompting an expansion of the mind to consider unseen realities.
The presence of extraterrestrial species visiting Earth has led to a shift in human consciousness towards self-expansion and acceleration.
Through channelings and connections, humans are evolving independently, with the assistance of galactic beings becoming less necessary.
The focus of these beings is to infuse their essence into the population, allowing for a deeper connection and perception of their vibrations.
While physical interactions have been captured on video footage, the beings aim to reveal their physical nature beyond mere ideas.
Extraterrestrial beings express gratitude for being allowed back in and appreciated for their true nature.
They emphasize their role in educating and guiding humanity towards understanding the essence of their vibration in the present moment of infinite probability.
The beings aim to illuminate minds and foster love and appreciation within the human family.