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The Book of Enoch Banned from The Bible Reveals Shocking Secrets Of Our History!

The 5th Kind2020-04-17
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A woman reappeared after being abducted by non-human beings called Mami Wata, connecting to ancient abduction stories. The Book of Enoch and Ezekiel explore abductions and interactions with powerful beings, hinting at extraterrestrial involvement in human history. Carl Sagan and indigenous narratives suggest ancient extraterrestrial civilizations influencing humanity. Encounters with extraterrestrial beings may enhance cognitive abilities, similar to acquired savant syndrome. The Book of Enoch details off-planet entities teaching agriculture and technology, leading to giant offspring. Judeo-Christian traditions suppressed narratives of ancient contact and human abduction by non-human entities, challenging traditional views. Further study and consideration of external interventions in human history are encouraged.

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Woman reappears after three years, claiming abduction by Mami Wata people.
Abduction near water has ancient roots, similar to mermaid or siren stories.
Woman's story not for personal gain, should be considered seriously.
Narrative connects to Book of Enoch, suggesting larger, ancient context.
Deserves further exploration and consideration.
Summary of The Book of Enoch
The Book of Enoch, written in the second and third centuries BCE, narrates the story of Enoch who had encounters with powerful beings and was taken away.
It delves into themes of abductions, cosmic journeys, and revelations about alternate dimensions.
The book discusses God's judgment, a heavenly messiah, and Enoch's interactions with a being named Uriel.
Enoch's experiences share similarities with other Hebrew accounts, such as Ezekiel's description of being transported in a flying craft, and are classified as apocalyptic literature describing profound and incomprehensible events.
The fascination with advanced crafts in ancient texts.
Comparison of descriptions of flying and space-faring crafts in Bhagavad Gita, Egyptian wall art, and the Book of Enoch.
Exploration of astronomical knowledge encoded in ancient mythologies worldwide.
Details of abductions and hybrid beings in the Book of Enoch created by watchers on Earth.
The exclusion of the Book of Enoch from mainstream scripture canons despite its acceptance in some religious contexts.
The influence of the Book of Enoch in early church history and its narrative of watchers hybridizing with humans to create giants.
The theme of interbreeding with other beings found in various cultures globally.
Watchers are interpreted as physical beings from space, possibly extraterrestrial, involved in human affairs.
Research on E.T. abduction syndrome, spearheaded by Harvard professor John Mack, identified patterns in encounters with extraterrestrials, leading to more in-depth investigation.
Ancient extraterrestrial civilizations potentially influencing human development.
Carl Sagan and researchers point out similarities in myths and cultures globally, suggesting possible ancient extraterrestrial influence.
The Apkallu, described as part human and part aquatic, believed to have nurtured early humanity and provided basic tools for civilization.
Mysterious disappearances of thousands of people, including cases of slavery and trafficking, remain unexplained, with many happening in national parks.
Emphasis on the need for further study and consideration of external interventions in human history.
Importance of studying encounters with extraterrestrial beings.
Indigenous narratives often feature advanced knowledge imparted by beings from the stars.
Need to listen to individuals sharing abduction experiences and challenge stigma.
Exploration of historical and global context of these stories, linking ancient myths to human evolution.
Mention of individuals returning from contact with enhanced cognitive abilities, suggesting potential positive outcomes.
The segment explores acquired savant syndrome post-brain injury and the potential for enhanced cognitive abilities.
It delves into the idea of increased intelligence and consciousness after contact with non-human beings, referencing ancient texts like the Book of Enoch.
The discovery of ancient manuscripts in the Qumran Caves, including the Book of Enoch, is discussed as a key highlight.
The authorship of the Book of Enoch is shrouded in mystery, attributed to Enoch but with similarities to other religious texts.
Enoch's lineage as an ancestor of Noah is mentioned, sparking intrigue and speculation.
The importance of the Book of Enoch in the Qumran community and its unique content.
The book contains prophetic texts about the arrival of different tribes and religions.
It describes interactions between off-planet beings and humans, teaching agriculture, technology, and civilization building.
Similar stories of extraterrestrial intervention can be found in myths from around the world.
The Book of Enoch also discusses astronomy, claims of human abduction by watchers, and the birth of giant offspring.
Various mythologies around the world mention beings like Nephilim and Titans, referencing human abductions and giant existence.
The Book of Enoch elaborates on hybridization and abductions, providing further evidence of ancient intervention.
Biblical scholars believe texts like the Book of Enoch were excluded from the Bible due to monotheistic beliefs and fear of acknowledging advanced entities.
Exclusion of these texts may have caused confusion in understanding biblical narratives, leading to conflation of God with extraterrestrial beings.
This confusion may have resulted in attributing blame to God for actions of these entities.
The section explores non-human entities mentioned in the Bible that have been overlooked by Judaism and Christianity.
The Book of Enoch delves into these entities, challenging traditional monotheistic beliefs.
Ancient contact and human abduction narratives were suppressed in Judeo-Christian traditions, leading to questions about secrecy.
The video hints at a possible revelation of these topics in the future, urging viewers to stay informed through their website.