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Inquest into missing person cold case

Te Karere TVNZ2012-07-17
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The disappearance of Iraena Asher in 2004 remains a mystery, with scenarios of drowning, getting lost, or foul play considered by police. Search parties were unsuccessful, and her behavioral changes before disappearance sparked speculation of suicide. Police response to her call for help was deemed inadequate. Asher, a university student and model with bipolar disorder, is believed to have drowned. Her family is set to testify in court, and the case remains ongoing.

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The mysterious disappearance of Iraena Asher in 2004 remains unsolved.
Police investigated scenarios of drowning, getting lost in the forest, or foul play, but found no trace of her.
Asher, a university student and model, was believed to have drowned, but her case is ongoing.
The response from police when she called for help was considered inadequate, leading to criticism.
Asher, who suffered from bipolar disorder, had behavioral changes before her disappearance, sparking speculation of suicide.