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5Cs of Silliman Education

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Silliman University is a top Christian institution in Dumaguete City, known for quality education, social accountability, and a conducive learning environment. It offers 14 degree-granting colleges, including a medical school, and emphasizes personal relationships and community service. The university focuses on holistic education beyond academics, with a strong emphasis on spiritual development through its Chaplaincy program. Silliman University values its rich heritage while preparing students to face future challenges and aims to develop graduates who are competent, compassionate, and grounded in Christian values.

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Overview of Silliman University.
Silliman University is a top Christian institution focused on human development, recognized for quality education and social accountability.
The campus in Dumaguete City offers a conducive learning environment surrounded by natural beauty, fostering academic concentration and personal relationships.
The university is known for its strong student services and programs, with 14 degree-granting colleges including a medical school and School of Public Affairs.
The Robert B and Metta J. Silliman Library, with over 200,000 volumes, is one of the country's largest and was awarded for excellence in 2007.
Silliman University's emphasis on enhancing campus life through sports, performing arts, and cultural activities.
The university provides a rich venue for students to develop and showcase their talents.
Silliman Education focuses on cultural centers and dormitories that promote personal closeness and sportsmanship.
Students learn responsibility, sociability, and compassion through community service.
The university's education of the soul empowers students to build a better community and learn from local communities.
Silliman University's dedication to nurturing spiritual life through its Chaplaincy program.
The university's church, founded in 1911, emphasizes care and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Silliman University celebrates its rich heritage while preparing for future challenges.
The university is committed to developing the total person through quality education with Christian values.
Graduates of Silliman University are known for their distinctiveness and strong faith.