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How to triple your memory by using this trick | Ricardo Lieuw On | TEDxHaarlem

TEDx Talks2017-12-12
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The video presents a memory test where viewers are asked to memorize and recall a list of 10 words, followed by a demonstration of a unique memory technique using vivid imagery to remember the presidents of the United States in order. The video highlights the importance of improving memorization skills in today's age and shares a personal story of transforming the way of learning through psychology studies. Ultimately, the video aims to demonstrate that memorization is about more than just learning facts, but also about making learning engaging and effective. \"How to Memorize Anything\" is a TEDx talk by Mattias Ribbing, who discusses the importance of improving memory as a skill and the concept of experimentation in learning. He emphasizes the idea of tying bizarre images to familiar places to facilitate memorization, and argues that by developing memory and the skill of experimentation, individuals can improve in any area of their lives. Ribbing outlines a three-step process of check, experience, and experiment, and encourages the audience to continuously experiment and learn. He believes that these principles should be taught in schools and adopted by individuals for personal growth.

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Introduction to the Importance of Memorization
Memorization was an essential skill for older generations, but with technology, it has become less important.
The speaker shares a personal story of struggling in traditional education but finding success in learning through different methods.
Studying psychology helped the speaker improve their memorization and learning skills.
Introduction to the importance of memorization and experimentation.
Tying bizarre images to a familiar place like your body makes memorizing easier.
Improving memorization skills through experimentation can lead to improvement in other skills.
The speaker, despite initially thinking she couldn't do it, learned public speaking through experimentation.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is memorization still important in today's day and age?

Memorization is important because it allows for a deeper understanding of a subject and enables the development of new skills and knowledge, as highlighted in the video.

2. How can memorization skills positively impact learning and education?

Memorization skills can enhance learning and education by improving recall, concentration, and cognitive abilities, ultimately leading to academic success and personal growth, as demonstrated in the video.

3. What is the significance of memorizing the past 10 presidents of the United States of America in the right order?

Memorizing the past 10 presidents of the United States of America in the right order showcases the power of memory techniques and demonstrates how information retention can be both effective and enjoyable, as shown in the video.

4. How did the speaker's personal experience lead to a newfound love for learning?

The speaker's personal experience of discovering a new approach to learning led to a newfound love for acquiring knowledge, showcasing the transformative impact of effective learning methods, as discussed in the video.

5. What are the benefits of improving memorization skills?

Improving memorization skills can lead to enhanced academic performance, increased cognitive function, and the ability to retain and apply information effectively, ultimately contributing to success in various areas of life, as explained in the video.

6. Why is it important to improve the skill of memorization?

Improving the skill of memorization can lead to improvement in experimentation and learning, which can open up new possibilities and allow for continual self-transformation.

7. What are the three steps of the process of experimentation mentioned in the video?

The three steps of the process of experimentation are the check, the experience, and the experiment. It emphasizes becoming aware of one's actions, being open to new possibilities, and applying new experiences to continually transform and learn.

8. How can improving the skill of memorization benefit individuals of every generation?

Improving the skill of memorization can benefit individuals of every generation by empowering them to believe that they can get better at anything, including the process of learning itself. It opens up the possibility of learning new skills and approaching challenges in new ways.

9. What is the importance of teaching the art of learning in schools, as mentioned in the video?

The video emphasizes the importance of teaching the art of learning in schools to empower students to become better at the process of learning and experimentation. It advocates for the inclusion of these essential skills in the education system to prepare students for continual self-improvement.

10. How does the speaker believe the most important change starts, as mentioned in the video?

The speaker believes that the most important change starts with the individual, emphasizing the power of personal experimentation and learning. It encourages individuals to go out and experiment, learn something new, or find a new approach to existing challenges.