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Beyond Quiet Quitting: Motivating the New Workforce | Allison Peck | TEDxHartford

TEDx Talks2023-12-12
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The video discusses challenges faced in new jobs, workplace boundaries for mental health, high turnover rates due to dissatisfaction, and the importance of creating a positive work environment through appreciation, clear boundaries, and emphasis on employee well-being. It highlights the impact of onboarding processes on productivity and retention, the shift in workplace dynamics post-pandemic, and the need for leaders to address young people's job dissatisfaction to prevent irreversible damage to the economy and create a thriving work environment for all.

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Importance of a strong onboarding process in improving new hire productivity and retention rates.
The speaker shares their difficult experiences in new jobs, feeling unwelcome and overwhelmed, leading to imposter syndrome.
Despite initial struggles, they found a supportive manager who trusted them with important tasks, creating a positive work environment.
The fear of termination was present, but they ultimately overcame their challenges.
The impact of young people feeling overwhelmed in the workforce and the need to set boundaries for mental health.
The pandemic exposed a focus on revenue over employee well-being, prompting a change in workplace culture.
Data reveals a notable shift in workplace dynamics, emphasizing the urgency for leaders to address the issue.
Gallup's findings show a high rate of job hopping among Millennials, highlighting the necessity for new leadership and management strategies in 2022.
Job hopping and turnover among non-millennials are costing the American economy billions annually.
'Quiet quitting' is prevalent among employees who do the bare minimum to avoid getting fired.
Young people are job hopping for higher pay and view climbing the corporate ladder as a hamster wheel.
The shift from pensions to 401Ks enables job hopping into retirement.
Business leaders can improve employee retention by showing appreciation from day one and making onboarding a positive experience.
Importance of setting healthy boundaries at work.
Healthy boundaries lead to increased retention and a psychologically safe environment.
Leaders should set a good example by taking paid time off and communicating openly with employees.
Gen Z's concept of 'soft living' prioritizes well-being and fulfillment over traditional success measures.
Reshaping workspaces and fostering a culture of collaboration can create a thriving work environment.