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Welcome to the World of Audio Computers | Jason Rugolo | TED

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The video discusses the development of a new kind of computer focused on natural language computing for engaging conversations, introducing an audio prototype without a screen. It explores the evolution of spoken language communication and second-person neuroscience, aiming to enhance daily tasks through natural language conversations and reduce screen time. The creation of mixed audio reality and personalized soundscapes for relaxation are also highlighted, emphasizing the importance of a more intuitive computing experience that interfaces with humans naturally.

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Advancements in natural language computing for a new type of computer interface.
Introduction of a prototype "audio computer" with no screen, focusing on audio-based user interactions.
Emphasis on creating a more intuitive and natural relationship with technology through conversation and audio apps.
Importance of natural language communication for a more human-like interaction with technology.
Evolution of spoken language as a revolutionary form of communication.
Introduction of second-person neuroscience and collective thinking in communication.
Exploration of audio computing for human-like interaction and access to vast information.
Goal of enhancing daily tasks through natural language conversations and reducing screen time.
Highlight of all-day wearable audio devices for convenient and private use, aiming to improve user experience.
Creating mixed audio reality through hacking the auditory system for ultra-high fidelity sound display.
A dome with 128 custom speakers was built to create virtual soundscapes similar to the Star Trek holodeck.
Experiments were conducted on how the brain positions sounds in space and neural algorithms were reverse-engineered into software.
The goal is to develop a virtual auditory space for a captivating mixed audio-reality device.
Various audio transformations like beamforming, denoising, transcription, and translation are achieved through software, offering limitless possibilities for audio computers.
Development of an audio app for personalized soundscapes focused on relaxation and focus.
Goal is to create an intuitive computing experience without monetizing attention or making users captive to a device.
Emphasis on interfacing machines with humans in a natural way and the importance of imagination in exploring new possibilities in technology.