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The Secret Ingredient of Business Success | Pete Stavros | TED

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Employee stock ownership can empower workers, reduce wealth inequality, and improve company success. Implementing broad stock ownership leads to more inclusive capitalism, as seen in the positive results of companies like KKR and Chi Overhead Doors. The transformation benefits both employees and the company, with increased quality, productivity, and financial success. Initiatives like Ownership Works aim to promote employee ownership on a larger scale, impacting millions of workers and creating wealth for working families through ESOPs. The potential for widespread economic change is evident if more companies adopt similar practices.

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Importance of Employee Stock Ownership
Lack of stock ownership leads to wealth inequality and disengagement among employees worldwide.
Broadening stock ownership could promote more inclusive and sustainable capitalism.
Speaker has advocated for this idea since graduate school and implemented it successfully at KKR with 44 companies.
Employee stock ownership has the potential to positively impact both the economy and empower employees.
Importance of free and incremental stock ownership for workers in companies.
Lack of communication and transparency leading to employee suspicion and disengagement.
Successful example of Chi Overhead Doors granting stock ownership to all employees.
Employee ownership extending to decision-making, financial transparency, and workplace investments.
Positive impact on productivity and quality as a result of employee ownership.
Transformation of the company led to improved quality, decreased scrap, increased productivity, and market share growth.
Financial results drastically improved, with the company's value increasing tenfold.
Employees received significant payouts based on their tenure, with some earning up to six and a half times their annual income.
The community received a $340 million wealth injection, leading to positive economic impacts like increased tax revenue, better schools, and new businesses.
The success of this model showcases the potential for widespread economic change if more companies adopted similar practices.
Overview of Ownership Works and its mission to promote employee ownership.
The organization aims to impact a million workers and create wealth for working families.
Ownership Works has already made progress, with plans to reach 250,000 workers and create $10 billion of wealth.
They are working on passing legislation to make ESOPs easier and faster to form with government support.
The goal is to create 30-40 million new employee owners through their efforts.