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Forescout Company Introduction with Pedro Abreu

Tech Field Day2019-11-15
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The video introduces a new product for securing devices and networks, emphasizing the need for device security due to the growth of IoT devices and data workloads. It discusses the importance of visibility in managing and securing devices, utilizing agentless solutions and automation for effective security operations. The product focuses on providing device visibility and control, with an emphasis on proactive security measures such as segmentation and automation. Overall, the video highlights the critical role of visibility, control, and automation in effectively managing and securing network devices.

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Introduction of a new product for securing devices and networks.
Trends leading to the need for secure devices include the increase in devices, workloads in data centers and the cloud, and deployment of IoT devices.
CIOs and CISOs are increasingly responsible for secure environments.
The growing need for automation in security operations to handle the speed and volume of threats.
Automation is crucial for effective security and should be managed through strong policy engines.
Importance of transitioning to agentless security solutions in the IoT and cloud era.
Traditional security approach of deploying agents on devices is no longer effective.
Organizations should adopt a unified security approach for interconnected networks.
Automation is crucial for handling alert fatigue and responding to security incidents efficiently.
ForScout provides device visibility and control to large enterprises and governments with a team of over 1200 people and 3500 customers worldwide.
Importance of visibility in managing and securing devices in networks.
Emphasizes the need for understanding and control of all devices, known and unknown to organizations.
Agentless and multivariate approach enables efficient management and security for devices with software vulnerabilities.
Utilizes various techniques to collect data from networks and infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive device discovery and understanding.
Highlights the critical role of visibility in effectively managing and securing network devices.
Importance of device visibility in network security.
Knowing the classification and function of all devices aids in assessing vulnerabilities and adding business context.
Gathering data from various sources through active and passive methods helps create a comprehensive inventory of devices.
Deep understanding of devices allows for the implementation of specific policies to secure the network.
Deployment of sensors in a network, centralizing or decentralizing intelligence, and utilizing machine learning techniques with data from 11 million devices.
The product is a cloud-based software-as-a-service, gathering intelligence for classification.
Security measures include anonymizing shared information and securing databases.
Steps are taken to prevent targeting vulnerable devices for attacks and ensure customer data protection.
Despite efforts to secure databases, unique environments may pose challenges to classification and security measures.
The importance of customer override in device classification.
Reclassification rates are typically low.
The process of reclassifying products based on specific attributes.
The policy engine allows for rule creation.
Visibility and control are crucial for proactive measures in determining device access.
Proactive network security measures are essential for limiting device capabilities, reducing risk posture, and enhancing visibility.
The NRI I extend product integrates with third-party products, automates processes, and enables actions without additional products.
Automation at line speed is emphasized for efficient enforcement actions with firewalls and other technologies.