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Why China Uses this Massive Sniper Grenade Launcher

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China has developed the QL1 grenade-launching sniper rifle with advanced features for engaging distant and armored targets. The weapon's innovative design and effectiveness justify its investment, showcasing China's military innovation. The rifle, used by the Marine Corps in potential conflicts, offers long-range accuracy and firepower, with the ability to penetrate steel armor. Despite limited deployment and some combat experience, questions remain about the QL1's performance and effectiveness as a weapon system, especially in scenarios like the invasion against Taiwan. Additionally, the rifle has been utilized successfully in combating piracy and has been added to Saudi Arabia's arsenal.

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Development of the QL1 grenade-launching sniper rifle by China's military since 2011.
The PLA also uses other grenade launchers like the QG1 and QLZ 87 with different firing systems.
China's unique weapon design contrasts with Western military equipment, showcasing their innovative approach to warfare.
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Development of the QL1 sniper grenade launcher by China for engaging distant, fortified, and armored targets.
The weapon fires 35mm Type 11 rounds with a lighter casing for easier carry and increased propellant.
The QL1 launcher has an extended range of up to 1,000 meters, surpassing standard infantry rifles by 2.5 times.
Despite US attempts with the XM109, the program didn't progress due to cost and weight inefficiencies compared to mortars or grenades.
China's innovation in ammunition design and effectiveness justified the investment in the QL1 launcher.
Highlights of the QLU-11 Rifle Features
The QLU-11 rifle fires programmable ammo with a kill radius of 1 meter, making it effective for engaging targets in bunkers or trenches.
It can air burst over cover, negating the effects of hiding behind obstacles.
The rifle integrates a laser rangefinder and ballistic computer for precise targeting.
Compared to the XM109, it has a bullpup design for compactness and reduced recoil.
The simple design ensures high reliability with a reported failure rate of less than 0.3%.
However, the rifle's size and propellant result in significant kickback during firing.
The QL1 rifle, developed by the Hanan Institute of Technology and manufactured by China's Neno, features advanced technology for military use.
China's military exclusively uses the QL1, with an export model available as the LG5.
The LG5 is equipped to fire NATO's standard 40mm grenade rounds, allowing for compatibility with various ammo types used by foreign militaries.
The QL1 is specifically designed for potential conflicts in mountainous regions like the borders with India and Taiwan, offering long-range accuracy and effectiveness.
The rifle includes a primer ignition blowback system and buffer mechanisms to absorb recoil, enhancing its performance in combat scenarios.
Overview of the QL1 weapon system used by China's Marine Corps.
Designed for tactical use in an invasion against Taiwan, providing greater firepower for clearing bunkers and engaging armored targets.
QLU 11 ammo can penetrate 70mm of rolled steel armor, giving an advantage over traditional anti-tank weapons.
Operated by a single shooter but can also function as a crew weapon.
Despite limited deployment, the QL1 has seen combat near the Horn of Africa.
Chinese Navy deployed in Gulf of Aden in late 2000s and early 2010s to combat piracy.
Used QL1 military grenade launcher against Somali pirates with success.
Saudi Arabia added LG5 surface-to-air weapon to arsenal in 2018.
Videos showed Saudi troops in Yemen using the LG5.
QL1 has seen action in Yemen but is unproven in combat, raising questions about its performance and effectiveness.