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Space News 20. April 14 2024, Asterope, Mari Swa's first Live Public Presentation. (English) 🌎🌐✨✨

Swaruu Oficial2024-04-15
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A large alien class dreadnought arrived in Earth's orbit for fleet defense, with crew members posing as star seeds on social media to elevate consciousness levels. The Tetons' response exceeded expectations, with a welcome ceremony led by Queen Alanm discussing Earth's situation. The narrator attended a party and shared their experiences online before the arrival of the impressive Starship Astero. The segment ends with gratitude towards viewers and hope for future interactions.

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📊 Transcript
Arrival of large alien class dreadnought in Earth's orbit on April 13th.
Spaceship takes precautions to avoid endangering other Starships.
Main mission is fleet defense, with crew members participating in social media incursion.
Crew members will pose as star seeds to share positive ideas and concepts.
New crew members required to enlist and be carefully trained before entering social media.
The Tetons' response to the Starship project exceeded expectations.
Nearly 3,000 applicants vied for spots but many were left on a waiting list.
The project involved media attention and a welcome ceremony for the crew.
Queen Alanm and her sister Nishara wore elaborate armor, while the narrator donned a unique dress.
Queen Alanm discussed Earth's situation and the Galactic Federation during a speech at the ceremony.
Speaker attends welcome party.
Speaker changes into comfortable dress and relaxes before the party.
Speaker, an introvert, feels overwhelmed by the large crowd at the party.
Attention on the speaker is heightened due to their princess role.
The narrator attends a party on the Astero and is impressed by the appearance of the Starship.
The food at the party was brought by crew members of the Astero.
The narrator retires due to exhaustion after watching a child named Sophie.
The next day, the narrator shares their experiences online.
The Astero is a large Starship with a unique design, including a shiny black hull and electric blue backlit letters displaying its name.