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Space News 18. April 6 2024, Eclipse, Starships, Meetings, Yazhi, and other news. (English) 🌎🌐✨✨

Swaruu Oficial2024-04-06
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Space agencies will activate a large ring in Switzerland during an eclipse to test artificial portals. Three rockets will be sent into space, including probes to monitor atmospheric changes. Yaji, a young girl, plays with detailed toy airplanes she created out of cardboard. Multiple incidents involving Alfran craft are reported, with missions led by Alion for monitoring and political deterrence. The presence of a larger alien detachment in Antarctica for meetings with Earth officials before an eclipse raises suspicions. The video segments cover space exploration, creative play, and extraterrestrial activity.

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Space agencies to test artificial portals in Switzerland during eclipse.
Three rockets to be sent into space with probes monitoring atmospheric changes.
Probes connected to magnetic portal in Switzerland for data collection.
Unconventional internet traffic indicates fires set by energy weapons, blamed on Chinese satellites.
Alien detachment arrives in Antarctica for meetings with Earth officials before April 8th eclipse, sparking emergency discussions.
Yaji's detailed play with toy airplanes.
Yaji creates toy airplanes out of cardboard, complete with lights and retractable wheels.
She mimics real flights by filling the planes with dolls and flying them on a schedule.
Yaji constructs toy landing strips for realistic play without accidents.
Yaji engages in immersive role-playing as a pilot, using authentic aviation terminology and procedures.
Series of incidents involving Alfran craft.
Fighter ship with engine failure burning up in the atmosphere.
L-class Alfran ship crash near Punter Arenas.
Starship Toa successfully replaced and tested all four engines.
Starship Sasa 1 retrofitting Vigilant Eagle with human communication equipment.
Alion leads a mission for monitoring, political deterrence, and following orders from Queen Alanm.
The crew's presence will be masked as coming from Star Seeds to avoid interference.
Alion's presence will be felt throughout the year, but they will not openly contact anyone.
The mission is in experimental stages and must conform to Galactic Federation rules.
Tia's crew depends on Earth for food and supplies, unlike other Teton crews.