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沉浸式英文句子听力训练 BEC 高級商務英語 高级商务英语30天学习计划之Day3 Advanced Business English 30 days learning plan (繁簡體/繁简体)

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The video covers various topics such as legal clauses, trade remedies, antitrust cases, police investigations, innovation regulation, and trade restrictions. It also discusses the importance of organizational learning, brand association, and job creation uncertainty. Additionally, it touches on the rivalry between Google and Microsoft, trade policies in China, and cost-cutting strategies in business. The overall theme emphasizes the need for proper preparation, attitude, and strategic decision-making in various aspects of law, business, and trade.

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Updates on Contract with Supplier:
The supplier has agreed to annex a new clause to the contract.
United States as a Nation:
The United States is one nation united by common ideals.
Business Strategy:
Expectations to announce more partnerships soon and taking a proactive approach with problematic clients.
Financial Terms:
Borrowing shares requires investors to pay an annualized percentage, and annuity rates could fall while waiting for a bounce back.
Legal Profession:
Lawyers can earn two hundred thousand dollars per annum.
Key Highlights of the Segment:
A lawyer can earn up to two hundred thousand dollars per year.
Being anonymous does not affect the system in any way.
Training emphasizes understanding the factors that lead to negative behaviors.
Antidating invoices to January 1st is a common practice.
If crisis moments are not anticipated, it indicates intervention failure.
Microsoft was viewed as anti-competitive by federal regulators 15 years ago.
Financial centers are governed by outdated and inadequately enforced regulations.
Usage of Traditional Trade Remedies and Anti-Trust Laws.
The United States will continue to utilize anti-dumping and anti-subsidy laws to address trade imbalances.
Major anti-trust cases have been started by filing complaints with the Justice Department.
Observations on Physical Conditions and Atmosphere.
The poor physical conditions and oppressive environment have garnered attention.
Adjusting Benchmarks for Future Predictions.
Making changes to benchmarks can help in predicting future economic slowdowns.
Limited Appeal of Venture Companies.
Some individuals do not find venture companies attractive.
Regimes' Attempts to Appease Critics.
Efforts by governments to satisfy critics have been widely acknowledged.
Inclusion of an Appendix for Convenience.
An appendix has been included for the convenience of the viewers.
Highlights of the video segment on corporate law considerations.
The segment includes a glossary in an appendix for convenience, focusing on applicable law sections for corporations.
Questionnaires are presented to applicants, emphasizing the importance of language in advertisement persuasiveness.
Increasing turnover is discussed by appointing a sole agent and apportioning responsibilities to the correct development team.
The segment touches on employer appraisal, failure to appreciate precautions' significance, and police apprehension of suspects in custody.
Various aspects of police work and government directives are discussed.
Police are responsible for investigating crimes, arresting suspects, and holding them in custody.
Apprentices should not be held to the same standards as experienced craftsmen.
Confidence in approaching tasks after preparation is crucial for success.
Selecting the right product from a list is important.
National governments must approve approximately 300 directives for certain achievements.
Designing a product that is close to perfection is necessary.
Expense allowances can sometimes be misused for unethical purposes.
Attitude is more important than aptitude in determining success.
Reasons for regulator suspicion of innovation and focus on regulatory and tax arbitrage.
Importance of an independent board to arbitrate between management and unions.
Rivalry between Google and Microsoft, with Microsoft targeting traditional customer bases.
Arousing interest by positioning oneself as the right person for a job and promising to help achieve the mission.
Restrictions on trade due to taxes and import/export prohibitions.
Trade was hindered by taxes and restrictions on imports and exports due to underdeveloped construction market and imperfect credit system.
Arrears of wages were a major issue in the trade sector.
China's trade policy prioritizes respecting the customs of buying countries.
The Chinese government reaffirmed its clear position and sincere aspirations in trade.
An organization aims to become the top manufacturer of aircraft instrumentation in North America.
Company aims for cost cuts and increased access to riskier assets after installing new automated assembly line.
Business analysts can assign resources and durations to tasks in the process.
Assimilation of complex information systems is crucial for organizational learning and knowledge barrier lowering process.
Importance of lowering knowledge barriers and assimilating complex information in organizational learning systems.
Emphasis on associating high-quality lifestyle with a brand.
Changes in product assortment on a contract and presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
Highlight on lack of assurance in job creation or economic revival.
Accessibility and opportunities for astronomers worldwide to propose telescope usage.