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Why I no longer use a VPN (most of the time) and nor should you

Sun Knudsen2023-05-04
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The video discusses the use of VPNs, highlighting privacy concerns with NordVPN and praising Malvad for its advocacy. It explains VPNs' potential privacy risks and benefits in bypassing censorship. The speaker recommends DNS over HTTPS for security and Tor for increased privacy. Torrent-compatible VPNs are suggested to avoid legal issues. Overall, caution and consideration of local laws are advised for online privacy and anonymity.

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Discussion on VPNs, specifically NordVPN and Malvad.
Narrator's decreased use of VPNs due to privacy concerns, despite some YouTubers endorsing them.
Praise for Malvad's privacy advocacy and lack of credentials.
Criticism of NordVPN for potential privacy risks as a large conglomerate.
Emphasis on the importance of online privacy and anonymity, cautioning against VPN services.
Summary of VPNs and their use.
VPNs can route all traffic through their exit nodes, which may compromise privacy if the provider is compromised.
VPNs are useful for accessing content from different countries but may not always work due to public IP addresses.
VPNs are valuable in countries with censorship like China as they can bypass restrictions, but the necessity of VPNs is debated due to HTTPS encryption.
DNS can still pose privacy risks if ISPs recommend their servers, highlighting the protection VPNs offer but questioning their necessity in certain situations.
Overview of DNS over HTTPS for privacy and security.
HTTPS already encrypts traffic and protects passwords.
Skepticism towards VPNs like NordVPN.
Recommendation to use Tor for increased privacy.
Preference for using Malvad DNS over VPNs for faster internet speeds and less latency.
Using a torrent-compatible VPN is recommended to avoid legal issues while torrenting.
A friend in Berlin received a large bill from their ISP for torrenting without a VPN.
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