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Idea-to-Market (I2M) Testimonial - Zach Scheel

Stanford Online2019-04-02
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Zack She'll praises the entrepreneurship program for Rhombic's success, citing guidance in team formation, product development, financing, and scaling. The program's emphasis on dreaming big and aiming for venture-backed companies, along with a large addressable market, sets students up for success in the business world and pushes them to reach their full potential.

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Zack She'll credits the entrepreneurship and civil and environmental engineering program for the success of Rhombic.
The program provided structured guidance on team formation, product development, financing, and scaling.
Instructors' expertise and network of support were invaluable in navigating challenges like building a software company without prior experience.
The program had a significant impact on market strategy, product development, and fundraising for Rhombic.
Successful fundraising and growth were attributed to the program's teachings and support.
Emphasis on Dreaming Big and Venture-Backed Companies
Company and professors encourage students to aim high and dream big for success in venture-backed companies.
Large Addressable Market
The program teaches the importance of having a large addressable market to attract capital and grow the business.
Setting Students Up for Success
The ultimate goal is to prepare students for success in the business world and help them reach their full potential.