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Profiles of Purpose: Back from the Ashes

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Faraz Ramji, founder of Norda Industries, shares his family's journey from Uganda to starting a potato chip business in Kenya. He partnered with trained farmers in Bomet to grow specific potato varieties for crisps, benefiting smallholder farmers. The collaboration allowed farmers to educate their children, expand their farms, and make a positive impact in their communities. Despite challenges like a factory fire, farmers showed solidarity and resilience. Participation in Stanford Seed shifted their outlook towards business expansion and serving humanity.

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Faraz Ramji shares his journey from fleeing Uganda to starting a potato chip business in Kenya.
Ramji struggled to find quality potatoes until partnering with trained farmers in Bomet.
Trained farmers grew specific potato varieties suitable for crisps, leading to a successful collaboration with Norda Industries.
The partnership highlights the gap between agricultural training and market access, benefiting smallholder farmers in Kenya.
Impact of Norda Contracts on Farmers' Livelihoods and Communities.
Norda contracts have enabled farmers to educate their children and grow their farms.
Farmers faced challenges like a fire destroying their factory but showed support and solidarity.
Participation in Stanford Seed has shifted farmers' outlook, ambition, and values, leading to business expansion.
Farmers aim to serve humanity and make a positive impact in the world.