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Profiles of Promise: One Million Cups

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Brittany Stinson, a coterm student, interned at Sirona selling sustainable menstrual products. She overcame challenges, worked on budgets, partnerships, and awareness. The internship broadened her perspective on culture, environment, and medicine. She aspires to attend medical school, work with vulnerable communities, and advocate for them.

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Brittany Stinson's internship at Sirona, a sustainable menstrual hygiene products company, focused on donating menstrual cups globally.
Brittany and interns created budgets, found partners, and raised awareness for the cause.
Despite challenges, they overcame obstacles with innovative solutions.
Brittany values the cultural learning and impact opportunities at Seed and aspires to attend medical school to work with vulnerable communities.
The internship broadened Brittany's perspective on the interconnectedness of culture, environment, and medicine.