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Diane Von Fürstenberg, Founder & Chairman, DVF

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DVF shares her inspiring journey from apprentice to successful fashion designer, highlighting resilience and determination. She discusses the creation of her iconic wrap dress and the evolution of fashion trends. The video explores her experiences with sexism, harassment, and the importance of empowerment in the feminist movement. DVF awards aim to honor women's strength and leadership. She advocates for women supporting each other and using their voices for good. The pillars of life discussed include character, self-care, compassion, purpose, aesthetics, nature, and rituals. The impact of her mother's survival from Auschwitz on her life is also explored, emphasizing resilience and strength.

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Diane von Furstenberg's journey from factory apprentice to successful fashion designer.
Emphasizes the importance of being open, curious, and following your heart in pursuing goals.
Discusses wanting to lead a man's life in a woman's body and achieving financial independence.
Mentions luck and quick success in career, as well as marrying a prince and working while pregnant.
Highlights determination and resilience in overcoming obstacles to achieve success.
Speaker's desire for financial independence and its impact on her marriage.
Emphasizes the importance of making choices and mentions enduring friendship with ex-husband.
Successful career highlighted, including the creation of a famous wrap dress.
Learned about the printing industry in Como, Italy, and evolution of fashion trends from stockings to pantyhose.
Unique product market fit of wrap dress showcased, with its enduring relevance for over 40 years.
The evolution of jersey fabric and t-shirts in fashion history.
Brigitte Bardot played a crucial role in popularizing t-shirts with unique designs.
The speaker, initially uninterested in fashion, found inspiration to create t-shirt samples and sell them in America.
The process involved late nights, working with sample and puzzle makers, using leftover fabric.
Personal anecdotes from the speaker's engagement in Rome and encounters with an Italian man driving a Lamborghini add depth to the journey.
Success story of a fashion entrepreneur overcoming challenges and achieving the American dream.
The speaker faced obstacles in Italy but persevered, creating successful t-shirt dresses and wrap top designs.
Her company was producing 25,000 dresses weekly by age 26, symbolizing success and the American dream.
The speaker credits her confidence and success to the dress, stating that it shaped her identity and achievements today.
Reflection on the feminist movement from the 70s to present day.
The speaker discusses the fight for equality and challenges women face in the workforce.
Personal experiences of sexism and harassment are shared, highlighting the pervasive nature of such behavior.
The Me Too and Times Up movements are discussed, drawing parallels between past and current struggles.
Importance of empowerment and standing up against injustice is emphasized, advocating for continued push towards gender equality.
Importance of Women Recognizing Their Strength.
Women often downplay their strength to make men feel powerful.
Protection of young women in the fashion industry is crucial.
Rules and regulations are in place to safeguard models.
Despite presence of powerful women, challenges and power dynamics still exist.
DVF awards created to honor women for their strength, courage, and leadership.
Awards inspired by speaker's mother, a Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz.
Speaker emphasizes the importance of helping and knowing others, believing in the chain of love.
Plans to advocate for those without a voice and empower others, especially women.
Encourages women to design their lives and utilize their voices for the greater good.
Importance of character as the first pillar in designing one's life, emphasizing the relationship with oneself and the need for discipline and self-reliance.
Taking care of one's body and mind is the second pillar, highlighting the power and capabilities of the mind.
Significance of being human, showing compassion, and the need to save humanity through empathy and kindness.
The fourth pillar is purpose, connecting work with independence, identity, and societal contribution.
Discussion on the pillars of life, emphasizing aesthetics, nature, and rituals.
Importance of daily rituals like sleeping in a tidy bed and enjoying meals is highlighted.
Speaker's mother survived Auschwitz, sharing harrowing experiences during the Holocaust.
Impact of mother's survival on the speaker's life, showcasing resilience and strength.
Detailed questionnaire filled out by the mother after liberation, demonstrating enduring effects of historical trauma.
The speaker's mother instilled resilience and fearlessness in him, shaping his character.
She taught him to face fears head-on and never be a victim, despite her strict nature.
The speaker credits his mother for his confidence and success in life.
He emphasizes the importance of self-relationship and helping others as key life advice.
The speaker's superpower lies in connecting people and positively impacting their lives through simple actions.