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Vocoder Trick The Pro’s Use (2024)

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Chris from Sand Horizon Academy and Culture Code demonstrates using Vocoder plugins like Manipulator, Vocal Synth 2, and Morph for music production. Tips on chord progression, layering vocals, and manipulating tracks are shared. Techniques with Serum, morph, and side chain are discussed for creating unique sounds. Emphasis is placed on maintaining emotion in vocals and using quality plugins. A course on EDM exploration is promoted for $9.99/month, offering value in creating, releasing, and marketing tracks.

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Demonstration of using Vocoder plugins by Chris, founder of Sand Horizon Academy and Culture Code.
Chris recommends Manipulator, Vocal Synth 2, and Morph for vocoding due to their capabilities and prices.
Importance of understanding music theory for chord progression is highlighted, with a showcase of creating chords in Serum.
Layering vocals with effects like reverb and EQ is discussed as a technique.
Combining Manipulator, Vocal Synth 2, and Morph for a powerful vocal sound is demonstrated by Chris.
Manipulating tracks with a manipulator to improve sound quality.
Sending output to different sources and adjusting settings like stereo and Dune to enhance audio.
Using vocoding to follow vocal melodies and layering sound for a fuller effect.
Tips on manipulating layers, utilizing presets, and adjusting width to optimize sound quality.
Emphasizing the importance of experimenting with different settings and techniques to create a unique and high-quality audio output.
Using morph and side chain techniques in music production with Serum.
Manipulating synths and vocals to create unique sounds and layers.
Mixing synths and vocals in the middle as a favorite technique for creativity.
Using vocoder groups, EQ adjustments, and creating bass layers to enhance sound quality.
Techniques like gating and EQing are used to refine the mix and achieve desired effects.
Importance of using vocoders in music production while maintaining body and emotion in vocals.
Removing a vocoder can significantly impact overall sound quality.
Preference for specific plugins over stock options for better results.
Promotion of music production academy and upcoming course on EDM exploration at a price of $9.99 per month.
Course will cover creating, releasing, and marketing a track from scratch, aiming to provide in-depth value to participants.