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Fireside Chat with Benoit Dageville: Building the Next Generation of Applications

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Snowflake Build 2022 is a global event focusing on building apps, data pipelines, and machine learning workflows with Snowflake's new features. The platform aims to democratize access to data and make data applications fast, easy, and powerful. Snowflake offers capabilities like uni store, snowpark, and streamlits for building interactive apps. The platform self-manages infrastructure, security, and workloads, providing scalability and usage-based pricing. Native apps on Snowflake enable secure data development and collaboration. Iceberg tables integrate Snowflake with open-source attributes, while Snowpark enhances data programmability. Snowflake's collaboration with NYSE supports startups in building on Snowflake with technology for financial market transparency. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to participate in the startup challenge for opportunities to connect, receive advisory sessions, and ring the bell at the NYSE trading floor. The partnership emphasizes the importance of building and problem-solving with data for driving positive outcomes in society.

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Snowflake Build 2022 is a global event for engineers, developers, data scientists, and architects to collaborate.
The event focuses on building apps, data pipelines, machine learning workflows, and more with Snowflake's new features.
In-person build local meetups are happening globally alongside the virtual event.
Snowflake's mission is to democratize access to data through applications, making data accessible and actionable for everyone.
The goal is to make the Snowflake Data Cloud the best platform for building, running, distributing, and monetizing data applications, with every modern app becoming a data app leveraging machine learning and data analysis.
Snowflake platform overview.
Snowflake aims to provide a single integrated platform for fast, easy, and powerful data applications.
The platform offers capabilities such as uni store, snowpipe, dynamic tables, snowpark, and streamlits.
Snowflake focuses on enabling access and processing of any type of data from any location and in any format.
The platform efficiently manages app states, handles real-time data pipelines, and allows for direct coding within the data cloud.
Snowflake platform features self-managing infrastructure, security, and workloads to minimize oversights in application running.
The multi-cluster shared data architecture enables scalability for large applications with instant elasticity and usage-based pricing.
Snowflake's Global architecture allows easy distribution across multiple regions and clouds, providing a unified experience.
Monetization through the Snowflake marketplace is facilitated by native applications with built-in capabilities for billing and telemetry.
Native apps aim to transform data development similar to the way the iPhone revolutionized consumer apps.
Snowflake introducing platform for data apps with native apps as a new class.
Native apps can include live data, ML models, and business logic, running on user's Snowflake account for security benefits.
Examples include Goldman Sachs using native app for ESG data enrichment and startup Samuha creating a clean room app.
Snowflake's platform offers global collaboration and advanced security features, benefiting both developers and customers.
Integration of Iceberg tables with Snowflake for data integration and pipelines.
Iceberg tables combine Snowflake's performance and governance with the open source format of Apache Iceberg and Apache parquet.
Uni store feature in Snowflake allows for storing transactional data directly, eliminating the need for ETL processes.
Snowpark enhances data programmability and extensibility for developers working with Snowflake.
Snowpark allows developers to work in their preferred language, streamlining data processing and coding across teams.
Snowflake focuses on enhancing code-sharing capabilities, streamlining CI/CD pipelines, and offering more languages and ML integration to make developers' lives easier.
The Snowflake startup Challenge, in partnership with the NYSE, supports startups building on Snowflake by enhancing the competition's prize pool and bringing in industry experts to judge.
ICE and the NYSE are excited to partner with Snowflake for the 2023 startup challenge, emphasizing the use of technology for financial market transparency.
Highlights from NYSE Startup Challenge Collaboration with Snowflake
NYSE operates exchanges and encourages entrepreneurs to participate in the startup challenge, connecting with executive mentors from NYSE-listed companies.
Top finalists of the startup challenge will receive advisory sessions and the opportunity to ring the bell at the NYSE trading floor.
Collaboration between Snowflake and NYSE offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of building and problem-solving with data.
The role of builders in driving positive outcomes for society is highlighted through the collaboration between NYSE and Snowflake.