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What Is Systems Engineering?

Shane Hummus2021-03-19
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Systems engineering is a lucrative and growing field that combines engineering and business skills, offering high earning potential and career success. Despite being relatively new, it is in high demand, with job postings exceeding the number of graduates. Engineering degrees, including systems engineering, are highly respected by companies and provide versatile career opportunities. Pursuing a degree in systems engineering or another engineering field can lead to promising career prospects, with graduates making significant lifetime earnings. While challenging, systems engineering offers flexibility, various specializations, and good job opportunities for dedicated individuals.

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Overview of Systems Engineering Career Opportunities.
Systems engineering involves building, managing, and analyzing various systems, working with different types of engineers to ensure everything functions together.
The career offers a starting salary of $74,000 and mid-career pay of $132,000, making it a lucrative field.
Systems engineering shares similarities with an engineering manager role, which pays around $144,000 per year.
Combining engineering and business skills through project management can lead to high earning potential and career success.
Discussion on meaning and job satisfaction in different careers.
Systems engineering ranks high in impact on the world, while aerospace engineering has above average job satisfaction.
Engineering degrees are less regretted due to advanced job opportunities.
Systems engineering requires experience in multiple areas and offers flexibility for career changes.
Job satisfaction is subjective and influenced by various factors.
Engineering degrees offer versatility and respect in the job market.
Despite saturation in fields like systems engineering and electrical engineering, companies value the intelligence and work ethic of engineering graduates.
Possessing an engineering degree can lead to job opportunities beyond traditional engineering roles.
Hiring managers may be more familiar with certain engineering disciplines, but the positive reputation of engineering degrees can still be advantageous.
Systems engineering is a growing field with high demand in the next decade.
The field combines business and engineering skills, offering unique opportunities for graduates.
Job postings for systems engineering exceed the number of graduates, indicating strong demand.
Engineering degrees, including systems engineering, are highly sought after by big companies.
Pursuing a degree in systems engineering or another engineering field can lead to promising career prospects.
Engineering degrees, especially systems engineering, are highly lucrative and in demand.
Graduates can make around 3.5 million over their lifetime.
Despite being rare, systems engineering ranks well in terms of job demand and automation risk.
Engineers serve as intermediaries between scientists and technicians, utilizing hands-on problem-solving skills.
Engineering degrees have a history of producing the most millionaires and billionaires, making them a solid investment for individuals.
Overview of Engineering as a Career Choice.
Engineering requires problem-solving skills and is comparable to entrepreneurship.
The field offers flexibility in career paths but is also highly challenging.
Systems engineering is expected to be in high demand in the next 10-15 years.
Salaries in engineering are lucrative, with various specializations available.
Overview of Project Management and Systems Engineering.
The speaker rates systems engineering as an exciting career choice, giving it a score of 8.5 out of 10.
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