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Top 10 Colleges That Pay Off The Most Over A Lifetime!

Shane Hummus2021-10-22
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The video discusses the top 10 colleges with the highest return on investment over a lifetime, highlighting the changing value of a college degree and rising costs. It emphasizes the importance of choosing a degree for future financial success, showcasing universities like Georgetown, Harvard, and Stanford for their prestige and earning potential. The segment also addresses ageism in the technology industry and questions the value of a college education in today's job market, urging viewers to consider alternative paths to success.

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Top 10 colleges with the highest return on investment over a lifetime are discussed, highlighting the changing value of a college degree.
Rising costs of college are mentioned, emphasizing the importance of considering the degree's ROI.
Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce's report analyzes the net present value of college degrees over 10 and 40 years.
United States Merchant Marine Academy ranks 10th with significant earnings potential and extensive training in the transportation industry.
The video stresses the importance of carefully choosing a college degree for future financial success.
Universities with high net present values over 10 and 40 years include Georgetown University and Harvard University, showcasing prestige and brand recognition.
Babson College, while less known, also offers good long-term value for students.
Maine Maritime Academy provides training in ocean-related fields at a more affordable cost.
Stanford University, known as the 'Harvard of the West Coast,' is a top-ranked private university with a strong focus on innovation and technology.
Selecting a university based on long-term career goals and potential networking opportunities is emphasized in the video segment.
Financial benefits of attending specific universities based on future earnings potential.
Stanford is ideal for those interested in Silicon Valley careers.
MIT is praised for academic excellence and high-earning potential.
Health-related universities such as Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offer lucrative career paths.
Emphasis on the profitability of health careers and the importance of choosing the right educational path for future success.
Ageism in the technology industry leads to older employees being replaced by younger ones due to perceived difficulties in learning new technologies.
In the past, any degree guaranteed a job, showcasing the changing value of education.
College tuition costs have significantly increased without a corresponding increase in value, raising concerns about the return on investment in a college education.
The speaker stresses the importance of critically evaluating educational investments and exploring alternative paths to achieve success.