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Top 10 Business Degrees

Shane Hummus2021-12-20
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The video explores the top business degrees for 2022 and beyond, highlighting managerial economics and hospital administration. It discusses salaries, job demand, and job satisfaction for degrees like healthcare, engineering management, advertising, international business, marketing, supply chain management, finance, accounting, and Management Information Systems. Marketing has the highest demand score, while MIS is a high-paying and in-demand degree. Despite some inaccuracies in predicting demand, the model is relatively accurate, with MIS graduates being highly sought after for their skills.

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Top 10 business degrees for 2022 and beyond include managerial economics and hospital administration.
Managerial economics combines management and economics, with starting pay of $59,000 and mid-career pay of $106,000.
Limited demand for managerial economics degree.
Hospital administration offers promising job prospects.
Gaining work experience can lead to success in managerial economics and hospital administration fields.
Overview of Business Degrees Comparison.
Healthcare degree offers decent salary and demand.
Engineering management degree has high salary but low demand.
Advertising degree has low salary but excellent demand.
International business degree provides good pay and job availability.
Marketing degree is common with average salary and job demand.
Marketing degree has the highest demand score among listed degrees.
Supply chain management is essential post-supply chain issues, offering good pay and high demand score.
Finance degree is high risk, high reward, with potential for burnout and significant financial success.
Benefits of Accounting, Finance, and Management Information Systems Degrees
Accounting offers job flexibility and opportunities, while Management Information Systems (MIS) is high-paying and in-demand due to its blend of technology and business skills.
The demand score for MIS is surprisingly high despite the complexity of the job title.
The degree is gaining popularity and attracting more students.
Graduates with MIS degrees are highly sought after for their valuable skills.