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The lowest paying college degrees…

Shane Hummus2021-05-24
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The video discusses the challenges of pursuing certain college degrees with limited earning potential, emphasizing the importance of high-demand skills for job security and financial success. It highlights the discrepancy between job expectations and reality, encouraging viewers to consider practicality and passion in career choices. Various career paths and their expected salaries are explored, with an emphasis on further education for better opportunities. The importance of finding fulfillment in one's work and thinking creatively to monetize artistic skills is also highlighted. Overall, the video aims to guide viewers in making informed decisions about their education and career paths.

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Video on useless degrees goes viral, sparking controversy and backlash.
Expensive degrees without job opportunities or financial success are cautioned against.
Importance of specializing in high-demand skills for well-paying jobs is emphasized.
Motivation behind videos is to prevent despair and depression from student loan debt.
Pursuing passions is encouraged, but practicality and financial stability in career choices are advised.
Overview of Recreational Therapy and Educational Psychology Careers.
Recreational therapists coordinate events for individuals with injuries or disabilities and earn around $36,000 starting salary.
Therapists work in settings such as clinics and hospitals, including equine therapy with horses.
Educational psychology is emphasized for its importance, but viewers are encouraged to consider potential debt when choosing a career path.
Passion and creativity can lead to financial success, even in fields with lower-paying prospects.
Overview of Educational Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling.
Educational psychology studies learning methods and outcomes, with starting pay around $34,000.
Mid-career pay in educational psychology can increase to $47,000.
Rehabilitation counseling often requires a master's or doctorate degree.
Counselors in this field help individuals with disabilities overcome challenges, requiring specialized training.
Challenges and limited earning potential of certain college degrees, focusing on psychology and addiction studies.
Discrepancy between job expectations and reality is emphasized, stressing the importance of higher education in these fields.
Passion and realistic expectations are crucial in choosing a career path, with unsuccessful pursuits seen as learning experiences.
Lower wages for some college graduates compared to previous years are highlighted, but finding fulfillment in work is deemed valuable.
Advice is given to view unsuccessful pursuits as learning experiences rather than wasted time.
Comparison of career paths in outdoor education, child and family studies, and early childhood education.
Outdoor education offers a starting pay of $30,000 to $40,000, while child and family studies and early childhood education offer a starting pay of $20,000 to $30,000.
Mid-career pay in outdoor education can reach $50,000 to $60,000, compared to $40,000 to $50,000 in child and family studies and early childhood education.
Further education, such as obtaining a master's degree or certifications, is essential for advancing in these fields and securing the best career opportunities.
Highlights of Careers in Mental Health and Medical Assisting.
Certain degrees in mental health or medical assisting require advanced training such as a master's or doctorate.
Mental health counselors work with individuals or groups to promote optimal mental health, while medical assistants work alongside doctors in clinic or hospital settings.
Both careers start at around $35,000 a year, with mid-career pay increasing to $42,000.
Graduates need to be well-prepared due to the importance of their work with people's well-being.
Overview of Metalsmithing as a Craft
Metalsmithing is the art of creating items from metal, a traditional craft that has been impacted by modern technology.
Despite the decline in popularity, individuals can still pursue a career as a silversmith or goldsmith to create high-quality jewelry.
Certification in metalsmithing can be achieved in as little as six months to a year without a college degree.
On-the-job training is emphasized as the most effective way to learn metalsmithing, highlighting the value of practical experience over classroom education.
Creative monetization strategies are essential for success in art careers like silversmith or goldsmith.
Opportunities for artists are limited, so thinking outside the box is crucial for financial success.
Ways to make money include starting a YouTube channel, blogging, and other non-traditional methods.
Viewers are encouraged to engage with content creators through likes, subscribes, comments, and notifications.
Exploring different avenues for income generation is emphasized, especially for individuals with art degrees.