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The LEAST Regretted College Degrees!

Shane Hummus2020-10-23
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The video discusses the least regretted college majors, with healthcare and technology degrees having low regret and high job satisfaction. Engineering degrees are respected and offer high lifetime earnings. Business degrees provide flexibility and opportunities for entrepreneurship. Computer science and mathematics degrees have low regret rates due to high demand and earning potential. Overall, healthcare, engineering, business, and technology fields offer promising career paths with growth opportunities and financial success potential.

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Survey by Zip Recruiter reveals the least regretted college majors, with health sciences and technology having low regret at 18.9% and English and foreign languages having the highest regret at 42%.
Reasons for regret included low job satisfaction and limited job opportunities, with degrees in high regret categories being deemed impractical.
Professions in high regret fields included radiation therapist and dental hygienist.
The survey demonstrated a wide variation in regrets across different majors.
Healthcare-related degrees offer high job satisfaction and growth opportunities.
Physical therapists assist patients in improving movement and pain, resulting in meaningful progress.
Health administration professions are in high demand and show significant employment growth.
Healthcare is a promising career path due to its rapid expansion and job opportunities.
Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States, alongside business and technology.
Healthcare occupations in the US have a median annual wage of $68,000, higher than the overall median for all occupations.
Demand is a crucial factor in career and degree choices, leading to better treatment, pay, and job options.
Engineering is a popular and respected field, with only 15.9% of graduates regretting their choice.
Engineering degrees offer good pay with just a bachelor's, and advanced degrees can further enhance career opportunities and earnings.
Engineers are highly respected and can be hired for various roles beyond traditional engineering positions.
Engineering degrees are highly respected and have higher average lifetime earnings compared to other majors.
Engineers in various fields can earn between 3.5 to 4.1 million dollars in a lifetime.
Engineering degrees are the top choice for creating millionaires, highlighting the practical problem-solving skills and innovation they offer.
Engineers are skilled at turning ideas into reality, making them valuable for entrepreneurship and starting businesses.
The combination of problem-solving skills, innovation, and practical knowledge in engineering can lead to financial success for individuals in this field.
Engineering majors have a high attrition rate with about half dropping out due to demanding coursework.
Business degrees are the second least regretted degree, offering flexibility and job opportunities in various industries.
Business degrees are hired in every sector, providing a wide range of career options.
Lack of specialization in business degrees may pose challenges in showcasing contributions to companies.
Benefits of Business Degrees.
Business degrees can be combined with other disciplines like math, technology, and healthcare.
Business degrees are associated with creating millionaires by teaching personal finance skills.
Graduates can become millionaires through investing in 401k and Roth IRA.
Business degrees prepare individuals for success in the business world, increasing the chances of becoming an entrepreneur.
Computer science and mathematics degrees have a low regret rate due to high demand and earning potential.
Software development skills, including coding and engineering, are highly valued in the job market.
While self-teaching or boot camps are options, a computer science degree sets individuals apart in a competitive job market.
Graduates with a computer science degree are in high demand, making it a great choice for those considering a career in technology.