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Shane Hummus2021-01-04
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The video discusses the best double majors for science degrees, highlighting lucrative combinations like chemical engineering + material science. Engineering degrees are valued for their high pay, with science degrees offering diverse career paths. Planning and researching career options before double majoring is crucial. Business degrees are versatile and in high demand, with graphic design + chemistry suggested as a valuable combination. The importance of gaining work experience and additional skills is emphasized. The video also introduces a college degree ranker project and encourages viewer engagement and subscription.

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Best double majors for science degrees highlighted for their synergistic benefits and potential for lucrative mid-career pay.
Examples include chemical engineering + material science and polymer science + engineering.
Emphasis on the potential career path in the natural gas industry with a double major in petroleum engineering.
Engineering degrees noted for their difficulty, with challenges in graduating within four years, especially when double majoring.
Engineering degrees are highly valued and pay well over a lifetime.
Graduates with engineering degrees earn an average of $3.5 million, while physical science degrees earn around $2.6 million and biological science degrees earn about $2.3 million.
Companies prioritize hiring engineers due to their intelligence and work ethic.
Combining an engineering degree with a science degree can enhance job prospects.
Science-related degrees, such as biochemistry and chemistry, offer mid-career pay ranging from $91,000 to $103,000.
Dual science degrees are a lucrative career choice, with microbiologists earning $75,000/year and 20,000 job opportunities.
Science-related degrees are challenging but not as difficult as engineering or mathematics.
Planning and researching career paths is essential before pursuing a double major in science.
Combining a science degree with a communications degree, specifically technical and scientific communication, can lead to a starting salary of $48,000 and a mid-career pay of $92,000.
Meteorology is a promising career path, offering a salary of $95,000/year and 9,000 job opportunities, with a 6% growth rate.
Importance of careful research and planning before pursuing a degree.
Science degrees are often regretted due to the challenge of finding jobs without advanced degrees.
STEM degrees, including science, do not guarantee job success.
Mixing science with social science or liberal arts can lead to diverse career paths.
Liberal arts and social science degrees focus on soft skills like critical thinking and communication.
Highlights of Business Degrees in High Demand
Business degrees are versatile and in high demand across industries.
Skills like project planning and business process management are highly rated.
Business majors are often hired for their adaptable skill set.
Business degrees are generally easier compared to other types of degrees.
It is recommended to secure a job with a bachelor's degree before pursuing further education.
A valuable double major option is suggested with graphic design mixed with a chemistry degree.
Discussion on potential earnings and career paths for art-related majors and science degrees.
Emphasis on gaining work experience, extra skills, and doing side projects to enhance career prospects.
Science degrees are recommended for most viewers, but double majoring may not significantly impact career success.
Introduction of a new project, a college degree ranker, aimed at ranking different degrees based on various factors.
Exclusive content, including an investment portfolio, will be available for patrons in the project.
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