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The 15 Cheapest Countries To Live Or Retire

Shane Hummus2021-09-01
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The video explores affordable retirement options in various countries, showcasing lower living costs in places like Colombia, Turkey, and the Philippines. It compares expenses in Seattle to locations like Medellin, Tbilisi, and Antalya, highlighting the potential for comfortable retirement with modest savings. The narrator discusses living expenses, healthcare, and quality of life in different cities, emphasizing the value and opportunities in these international destinations. Overall, the video aims to inspire hope and encourage viewers to consider alternative solutions for retirement planning outside the United States.

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Affordability of retiring in different countries.
It is possible to have a comfortable retirement with a modest amount of savings.
Living expenses can be significantly lower in certain locations like Colombia, particularly Medellin.
Proximity to essential services like hospitals is important for retirees.
Personal preferences and needs are key factors when choosing a retirement destination, with insights into 15 different countries provided in the video.
Contrasting cost of living in Seattle, Washington, and Medellin, Colombia.
Rent prices in Seattle are 86% higher than in Medellin, while other expenses are significantly lower.
A luxurious lifestyle in Medellin requires around $1,617 per month or $19,200 per year.
Following investment advice and saving $480,000 using the four percent rule allows for a comfortable retirement in Medellin.
Medellin offers a more affordable and potentially sustainable lifestyle compared to Seattle.
Comparison of living costs in Georgia, Ukraine, and Malaysia as potential retirement destinations.
Monthly costs in Tbilisi and Lviv are significantly lower compared to Western countries, with affordable rent and food expenses.
Lviv is highlighted as a city where a friend enjoys living due to its affordable lifestyle.
Insights on transportation costs and apartment rental prices in various cities provide an overview of the living expenses.
Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur are introduced as potential retirement destinations due to their cost-effective living options.
Affordable and Beautiful Travel Destinations.
Antalya, Turkey is highlighted for its affordability and beauty, with cheaper meals and transportation compared to Seattle.
Cebu, Philippines is praised for its friendly people, stunning beaches, and low consumer prices.
Cost-effective alternatives for those seeking a high quality of life at a fraction of the cost in Western cities.
Affordable Living Options in Various Countries.
The video highlights cities like Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Jakarta, Cuenca, and Lublin for their low cost of living, beautiful landscapes, and cultural experiences.
Average monthly expenses needed to maintain a comparable lifestyle to Seattle, Washington, are mentioned for each location, emphasizing affordability and quality of life in international destinations.
Affordable living options in countries like Poland, Serbia, Mexico City, Saint Petersburg, and Rio de Janeiro are compared to living in Seattle.
Lower costs of living, including rent and healthcare, make these countries attractive for those seeking a similar lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.
The presenter aims to offer viewers ideas for budget-friendly living and emphasizes the value and opportunities in these underrated locations.
Affordable retirement options are available in other countries, despite rising costs in the United States.
Retirement is achievable with proper planning and exploring alternative solutions, providing hope and encouragement to viewers.
The speaker acknowledges the challenges faced by the current generation but believes retirement is still attainable with the right approach.
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