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Make $34/HR With Typing Jobs From Home (NO Interviews)

Shane Hummus2023-05-01
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The video discusses various online job opportunities, including appointment setting, closed captioning, chat agents, medical scribes, court reporting, and content writing. These roles offer flexibility, remote work options, and potential for career advancement. Amazon's platform business model is highlighted for its impact on product quality and revenue. The video emphasizes the earning potential and benefits of these online jobs, with a focus on entry-level positions in different industries. Additionally, it mentions the demand for skilled YouTube scriptwriters and the promising career path in content writing.

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Amazon's platform business model revolutionized the industry by enabling experts to create and sell products on their website.
The model resulted in improved products, customer experiences, and increased revenue for businesses.
Many successful companies globally have adopted this model.
The video focuses on online money-making opportunities through at-home typing jobs, ranging from side hustles to full-time careers.
Appointment setting is highlighted as a lucrative option, involving setting up appointments for sales closers and earning through commissions, offering a flexible work-from-home option.
Lucrative job opportunities in appointment setting and closed captioning/transcription offer potential earnings of $45,000 per year with flexibility and work-from-home options.
High ticket product companies are prime targets for appointment setting roles due to higher earnings potential.
Pros of closed captioning/transcription include flexibility, watching content as part of the job, and steady work, while cons involve needing good typing skills and attention to detail.
Physically straining on the fingers, investing in an ergonomic keyboard is recommended for closed captioning/transcription roles.
Job Opportunities: Chat agents and medical scribes.
Chat agents provide online customer support through real-time chat, with an average salary of $36,000 per year.
Chat agents role involve maintaining customer satisfaction and handling various situations.
Medical scribes assist doctors by transcribing patient interviews and deciphering doctors' handwriting.
Both roles offer flexibility, remote work options, and potential for career advancement.
Benefits of becoming a medical scribe and other lucrative career options.
Medical scribes have the opportunity to learn medical terminology and network with healthcare professionals.
Training programs are available through hospitals or medical scribe companies.
Pros of being a medical scribe include gaining valuable experience, remote work options, and no direct patient care.
Other career options mentioned are court reporting and scoping, with court reporters making around $52,000 per year and scopists having more remote job opportunities.
Side Hustles for Making Extra Money
Court Reporting entails transcribing trials verbatim.
Amazon Mechanical Turk tasks are repetitive and completed online.
Full-time MTurk workers can earn up to $43,000 yearly.
Content Writers create engaging content for blogs, videos, and newsletters.
Content Writers make an average of $49,000 annually in the rapidly growing field of content marketing.
Opportunities in Content Writing, particularly YouTube scriptwriting, are lucrative due to high demand and the scarcity of skilled writers.
Pros of content writing include remote work, flexible schedules, and diverse projects.
Cons involve tight deadlines and adapting to various writing styles.
Specializing in a niche is recommended to excel in the field of content writing.
Quality YouTube scriptwriters are especially sought after, with the field expected to grow significantly as a promising career path.