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Is Remote Closer ACTUALLY A Good Career?

Shane Hummus2023-11-17
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Remote closers are highly skilled professionals in sales who finalize deals for high ticket products, earning substantial incomes. Starting as a Setter is common before becoming a closer, with opportunities for remote work and career growth. Sales roles provide valuable skills applicable across industries and can lead to a six-figure income without a college degree. The career is not for everyone due to high pressure but offers potential for success and personal growth. Attend the speaker's live event workshop for more insights on becoming a remote closer and explore related high-paying work-from-home jobs.

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Overview of a remote closer in sales who specializes in finalizing deals for high ticket products like software or coaching programs.
Remote closers are highly skilled professionals who earn more money but experience higher stress levels.
Common career progression involves starting as a Setter before advancing to the role of a closer.
The position of a remote closer may have different titles depending on the industry, such as high ticket closer or account executive.
The earning potential for remote closers is high, making it an attractive career choice for individuals suited to the role.
The speaker is hosting a live event workshop to provide insights on how to become a successful remote closer, highlighting the lucrative nature of the career path.
High earning potential in remote closing careers, with some individuals making over a million dollars annually.
Specializing in high ticket sales can result in a salary of approximately $122,000 per year.
Expected growth of 8% in the remote closing career field over the next decade.
Remote closing is a specialized field that demands expertise despite high demand.
Limited data on job satisfaction, but sales roles typically provide diverse experiences.
Benefits of Sales Jobs:
Sales jobs provide valuable skills that are highly sought after by employers.
Many successful individuals attribute their achievements to starting in sales.
Sales roles offer opportunities for remote work and are unlikely to be automated or outsourced due to personal interaction requirements.
Working in sales develops versatile skills applicable across various industries and can be a stepping stone for starting a business.
Importance of Learning a Crucial Skill for Business Success.
Skill has potential for six-figure income annually without college degree or prior experience.
Speaker to provide more information in upcoming workshop.
Viewers encouraged to attend workshop for further details.
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