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Is a Journalism Degree Worth It?

Shane Hummus2021-04-21
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A journalism degree offers communication skills for various roles, but job demand is declining, leading to competition and low salaries. While traditional news sources lose trust, starting news channels on platforms like YouTube is a successful alternative. Soft skills gained from communication degrees can be beneficial, despite lower demand compared to other fields. Automation poses a threat to low-skilled jobs, but journalism remains relevant due to the human element in communication. The speaker encourages viewers to explore their content on Patreon and emphasizes the importance of research and reporting skills.

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Overview of Journalism Degree Earning Potential.
Graduates can work as correspondents, reporters, technical writers, or editors.
Average starting salary for journalism majors is $43,000, peaking at $78,000 mid-career.
Writers make around $63,000, editors $61,000, news analysts $46,000 annually.
Lifetime earnings for journalism majors around $2.3 million, slightly below average for all majors.
Importance of job satisfaction and meaning in career choice.
Journalism degrees rank below average in meaning, possibly due to general communication skills.
Adapting communication skills to various industries and roles like content production for YouTube, blogs, or podcasts.
Traditional and non-traditional careers can be fulfilling based on factors like colleagues, industry, and research involvement.
Decline in Demand for Journalism Jobs
Negative growth rates projected over the next 10 years lead to fierce competition and high unemployment rates for journalism majors.
Many successful journalists are starting their own news channels on platforms like YouTube rather than seeking traditional journalism jobs.
Traditional news sources are losing trust among the public, who are turning to internet personalities for information.
Job demand for journalism graduates is moderate compared to other fields, with over 10,000 journalism jobs currently available.
Upsides of a Communications Major
Soft skills acquired can be useful in different areas of life.
Potential for small news organizations to succeed.
Journalism ranks lower in demand compared to other skills.
Despite lower demand, communication degrees offer opportunities for success in different career paths.
The impact of automation on low-skilled jobs and the importance of human communication.
Journalism as a degree with low automation risk but varying perspectives on its value due to high dropout rates and job opportunities.
The success of starting news channels on platforms like YouTube as an alternative to traditional journalism degrees.
Emphasis on the importance of research and reporting skills in journalism that remain relevant over time.
Speaker promotes Patreon content and encourages viewers to check out backlog of videos.
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Plans for updating content are mentioned, along with requests for likes, subscriptions, comments, and feedback.
Speaker expresses hope for calm in the world and directs viewers to other videos they have created.