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How to know EXACTLY how much your College Degree will EARN

Shane Hummus2020-06-15
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The video highlights the importance of researching college degrees for future earning potential, using tools like PayScale and the National Center for Educational Statistics. It emphasizes exploring different career paths within fields like computer science to understand salary variations. Gathering information from graduates and professionals in the field is crucial for informed decision-making. Viewers are encouraged to consider regional salary differences, shadowing opportunities, and seeking real-world insights for career planning. The video creator asks for likes, subscribes, and comments, expressing gratitude for viewers' support.

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Importance of researching college degrees for earning potential.
Factors to consider include initial salary, mid-career growth, and opportunities for advancement.
PayScale is recommended as a tool to analyze salary data for different degrees.
Examples are given to show how earnings can vary based on field of study and location.
The goal is to empower viewers to make informed decisions about education and future career paths.
Accuracy of Salary Progression Data for Different Degrees
Payscale data for salary progression based on degrees like geophysics and computer science may not be accurate due to reliance on survey data.
National Center for Educational Statistics should be consulted for accurate degree information.
Contacting graduates and hiring managers for insights is crucial, especially for less common degrees.
Payscale highlights potential salary ranges for combined degrees like electrical engineering and computer science, showing high earning potential.
Real-world conversations are essential for gathering reliable information for making career decisions.
Computer science degrees lead to high-paying career paths.
Over 9000 computer science degrees are awarded annually.
Research career options by typing 'BLS' and the degree into a search engine.
Different pathways in computer science have varied pay, such as computer programmers earning $86,000 and software developers over $105,000.
It's crucial to thoroughly explore different career paths, as specific degrees may be required for certain careers.
Importance of researching universities for specific degree programs and utilizing tools like College Scorecard.
Using tools like College Scorecard to assess debt, scholarships, and average earnings post-graduation.
Considering regional salary differences based on career paths.
Reaching out to professionals in the field for advice and insights.
Emphasizing the value of shadowing opportunities for gaining firsthand experience in potential careers.
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Viewers are asked to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for future content.
They are encouraged to share their thoughts, comments, and criticisms in the comments section.
The video creator expresses gratitude for the viewers' support.
The video ends with a farewell message.