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How To Get An Accounting Bachelor's Degree In 7 Months (WGU)

Shane Hummus2023-02-22
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The video discusses how to earn a bachelor's degree in Accounting in six months through WGU's competency-based program, emphasizing transferring credits and using third-party companies to accelerate the process. WGU offers affordable education, with some students completing their degree in just three terms. The benefits of saving time, effort, and money by completing a degree quickly are highlighted, along with a step-by-step guide on efficiently completing the program. While WGU is a great option for many, it may not suit everyone due to its remote nature.

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Obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in six months through a competency-based program like WGU.
WGU's program offers flexibility and is suitable for working individuals.
Importance of following a four-step process to transfer existing credits and experience.
WGU accepts a variety of prior experience and credits, facilitating a quicker and more affordable degree completion.
Following the steps outlined in the video is essential for achieving optimal results in a shorter timeframe.
Using third-party companies like study.com, sophia.org, and straighterline.com can help accelerate the process of completing a degree from WGU by allowing students to test out of classes.
By following this method, students can reduce the number of classes required to graduate from 41 to only 15.
Pre-studying the remaining classes is also recommended to further streamline the process.
Overall, this approach has proven successful for many individuals, with some able to complete their entire WGU degree in just three terms.
WGU offers fast and affordable bachelor's degrees.
Students can graduate debt-free with scholarships and grants.
Resources like the WGU subreddit and Facebook groups provide study tips.
Some degrees can be completed in as little as one term.
WGU allows for flexible study while working and provides inexpensive study resources.
Benefits of completing a degree in a shorter time frame.
Saving time, effort, and money by accelerating graduation.
Emphasis on opportunity cost and financial advantages.
Examples of individuals completing degrees quickly.
Step-by-step guide for efficiently completing a degree program.
Strategy for Expedited Degree Completion with Study.com and WGU.
Importance of pre-studying remaining classes and utilizing resources for reference.
Enrolling in WGU to complete remaining classes quickly, with a goal of one term if possible.
Graduating from an accredited university in less than a year and showcasing the accomplishment to friends and family.
Pros and cons of WGU are discussed in the video, along with recommendations to explore other universities with similar structures.
WGU is a phenomenal option for many people, but it is not suitable for everyone due to being completely remote.
Some individuals struggle to focus in a busy or distracting home environment.
Strategies shared in the video can be applied to these alternative institutions as well.