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How To Get A BS Science Education (Secondary Biological Science) Degree In 1 Year At WGU

Shane Hummus2023-02-25
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The video provides a guide on obtaining a Science Education bachelor's degree in just a year through competency-based education at WGU. It emphasizes transferring credits, testing out of classes, pre-studying, and enrolling to complete the degree efficiently. Strategies include utilizing third-party companies, pre-studying difficult classes, and focusing on challenging courses. The process aims to save time and money, with examples of completing the degree in 13 months or 1.5 years. Viewers are encouraged to research WGU's accreditation and consider both pros and cons before enrolling.

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Obtaining a Science Education bachelor's degree in one year through competency-based education.
Flexibility of competency-based education for faster degree completion.
Acceptance of various credits such as military experience, work experience, certifications, and CLEP exams.
Value of transferring existing credits to expedite the degree process.
Four-step process outlined for achieving quick degree completion.
Tips for Accelerating Degree Completion at WGU.
Utilize third-party companies like study.com, Sophia.org, and straighterline.com to test out of remaining classes quickly and cost-effectively before transferring to WGU.
Testing out of one class per week is achievable, even with a busy schedule.
Pre-study the remaining classes at WGU to maximize efficiency and save money, as competency-based universities charge per term.
Aim to complete as many classes as possible before starting each term to minimize costs and accelerate degree completion.
Importance of Pre-Studying at WGU
Pre-studying can save time and money by avoiding additional terms and costs.
Recommendations include pre-studying difficult classes and using resources like WGU subreddits and Facebook groups for tips.
Other valuable online resources include Khan Academy, blogs, YouTube channels, and Udemy courses.
Utilizing free or cheap textbooks, including physical copies from Amazon, is suggested.
Strategies for completing a WGU degree efficiently.
Transfer existing credits, test out of classes, pre-study for remaining courses, and enroll to finish classes quickly.
Examples of individuals completing the degree in 13 months or 1.5 years are provided.
Emphasis on following the guide step by step.
Introduction of a cheat sheet for viewers to use and potential updates to the sheet in the future.
The process of transferring classes to a competency-based university like WGU involves selecting, testing, and pre-studying.
Color-coded classes indicate difficulty levels, with green being easiest and red being the hardest.
Using discount code 'Shanehummus' on study.com offers a 30% discount for the first three months.
The process aims to simplify and streamline the transfer process for students.
It makes it easier to navigate and complete education efficiently.
Accelerating through classes to complete a bachelor's degree in one year at WGU.
Focus on challenging classes over easier ones to save time and money.
Enroll in WGU after feeling confident in knowledge and complete the program in two terms to impress friends and family.
Address skepticism towards for-profit universities, highlighting WGU's regional accreditation and industry respect.
Research and consider both pros and cons of WGU before making a decision.