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How Much Money Does My SMALL YouTube Channel Make?

Shane Hummus2021-02-08
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The video features multiple YouTubers sharing their journeys of growth, monetization, and success on the platform. They discuss the importance of consistency, quality content, and finding a niche that resonates with viewers. Emphasis is placed on persistence, dedication, and the impact of personal experiences on content creation. The speakers highlight the unpredictability of YouTube algorithms, the significance of high CPM rates in certain niches, and the potential for substantial earnings through regular uploads. Overall, the speakers encourage viewers to pursue their goals with patience, perseverance, and a focus on developing engaging, unique content.

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Journey to YouTube Monetization in 2020.
Despite initial hesitation due to the pandemic, the speaker decided to share their income video inspired by other creators.
Watching similar videos on their personal journey motivated and inspired viewers.
Importance of seeing others succeed to believe in the possibility of achieving goals.
Reference to breaking the four-minute mile barrier as an example of one person's achievement paving the way for others.
Growth from 7,190 to over 110,000 subscribers in a year.
Taking YouTube seriously by uploading regularly led to significant subscriber increase.
Impact of getting monetized and algorithm picking up content resulted in surge in viewership.
Initial challenges and slow growth were overcome through dedication and persistence.
Consistent efforts eventually paid off, highlighting importance of dedication in building successful YouTube channel.
YouTuber's journey from low views to monetization in 2019.
The YouTuber gained traction through Reddit posts in 2018, leading to a gradual increase in views and subscribers.
Consistent uploading was key to the growth of the channel, with monetization achieved in November 2019.
The algorithm favoring monetized channels served as motivation for creators to persist in uploading content.
Despite occasional dips in uploads, overall positive progress was seen in 2019, culminating in the YouTuber's first earnings after monetization.
Speaker earned $2600 from YouTube in 2019, working around 500 hours, equating to $5 per hour.
Emphasized the importance of persistence in creating content.
Highlighted how one successful video can significantly boost channel views.
Recalled a 30-day challenge that initially led to failure but ultimately resulted in channel growth.
Despite creating subpar videos during the learning process, the channel took off.
Importance of quantity over quality in growing a small YouTube channel.
Consistent content creation, even if imperfect, can boost algorithm and views.
Content quality matters less when the topic resonates with the audience.
Consistently producing videos helps creators improve their skills over time.
Lighting and sound quality are important, but the video topic ultimately determines success.
Creating unique content that showcases personality and humor is key to YouTube success.
Add entertainment and spice to quality content to engage viewers who may find traditional finance videos boring.
Target the audience that appreciates your style, as not everyone will enjoy your content.
Focus on being genuine and engaging to attract subscribers who resonate with your personality and humor.
Ultimately, this will lead to a successful channel.
Tips for success on YouTube include consistency, developing a unique brand of humor and entertainment, and regular posting.
Even successful creators only have viral hits about 36% of the time.
Committing to at least 30 videos increases the chances of one going viral and boosting other content.
The speaker shares their experience of earning $3,000 in January 2020 on YouTube.
Playback-based CPM is highlighted as important, with creators earning $13 per 1000 views.
High ad rates in certain niches such as credit cards, stocks, and e-commerce can reach $50 CPM or more.
Despite lower rates on a personal finance channel, revenue fluctuated based on video consistency.
In February, revenue decreased to $3000 due to less consistent uploads.
By June, revenue increased to $5600 with consistent uploads of three videos per week.
This successful transition from a side hustle to a full-time income was achieved through consistent uploads.
The speaker's experience with a 30-day challenge in June led to significant growth and earnings.
Consistency and experimentation with video content were key factors in the success of the challenge.
Passive income from previous uploads in July still resulted in a substantial income of $6,000.
August was a successful month with regular uploads, 1.2 million views, and earnings of $12,439.
The importance of consistency and quality content in maintaining growth and earnings.
Increase in Revenue and CPM Growth
CPM rose in August and September as companies spent their ad budgets for the quarter, reaching around 24.92 in September.
Revenue slightly decreased in October, but overall earnings remained consistent.
The best day for revenue was in November, hitting 531.
Completing a 30-day challenge in December showed that such challenges are more beneficial for smaller channels.
Creator's focus on quality content and attracting advertisers in 2021.
High CPM in December and lifetime channel revenue of $97,000.
Success attributed to increased time spent at home due to current events.
Realistic outlook on future expectations and acknowledgment of YouTube success being unpredictable.
Success of controversial video about college degrees on YouTube.
Video initially received angry comments but eventually gained over a million views.
Creator advised to create drama for growth, leading to increased views and monetization.
Video generated around $11,000 in revenue and continues to receive consistent views.
Highlights importance of persistence and patience in content creation on YouTube.
High CPM rates for stock-related videos, with $62.00 CPM being the highest on the channel.
Speaker produces around 10 stock-related videos per year to avoid redundancy.
Channel primarily focuses on careers, college degrees, and personal finance.
Speaker is a full-time pharmacist and considers transitioning to full-time YouTube content creation in the future.
Goal is to dedicate more time to producing quality content for viewers.
Overcoming Financial Struggles and Achieving Success.
The speaker shares personal stories of family members facing financial challenges to empathize with viewers.
Consistent effort over time is emphasized as crucial for achieving success, particularly on platforms like YouTube.
Realistic advice is given about the time and effort needed to see results, warning against expecting immediate success.
Patience, perseverance, and engaging with the content are highlighted as key factors in building a following and getting monetized.