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How Joseph Landed A Tech Sales Job In 1.5 Months With 6 Kids And Full Time Job

Shane Hummus2023-02-01
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Joseph shares his journey from Brooklyn to Guyana and back, inspired by Cyrus Harbin to pursue tech sales education. Despite family chaos, he completed a course, leading to a career in tech sales with lucrative opportunities. The importance of adapting skills for success in different industries, particularly tech sales, is emphasized. Tech sales expertise can result in financial abundance, remote work, and better work-life balance. Self-improvement and confidence are crucial for career growth, with tips on research and organization for sales positions provided. Joseph highlights the value of personal and professional development for reaching one's potential.

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Joseph's journey from Brooklyn to Guyana and back highlights his parents' work with street children.
After college, marriage, and fatherhood, he felt lost until discovering tech sales through Anthony O'Neill's show.
Inspired by Cyrus Harbin's success story, Joseph delved into tech sales education on YouTube.
Joseph's professional path was diverse, ranging from staffing agencies to patient care coordination before landing in inside sales at a Solar Company.
Through online education, Joseph found direction in the tech sales industry, which was previously unknown to him.
Speaker's journey and impact of watching Cyrus Harbin.
Completed a course in just 45 days while managing work and family responsibilities.
During an interview, wife's water broke, and he had to deliver the baby himself on the way to the hospital.
Chaos in household with five kids and wife pregnant with a sixth.
Moment of panic and surprise during the unexpected delivery.
Speaker shares experience of rushing to ER for wife's delivery and rescheduling an interview.
Baby born healthy, doctors and nurses helped during delivery.
Speaker now works in Tech sales and looks forward to future.
Discussion on college education not necessary for high-paying jobs like Tech sales.
Speaker credits Anthony O'Neill show and course careers for positive impact on career path.
Importance of self-paced courses in skill development.
Transitioning skills from sales to tech industry.
Identifying sales team challenges in SaaS and tech sectors.
Adapting skills to new environments for growth and success.
Benefits of mastering sales in the tech industry.
Tech sales employees can earn more than business owners, with perks like remote work, competitive compensation, equity grants, and generous benefits.
Combination of tech sales expertise and industry opportunities can result in financial abundance and a fulfilling career.
Specific example of a job offer in tech sales with a salary of $80k and various benefits, showcasing the potential for lucrative opportunities in the field.
Contrasting work experiences in different industries, with one requiring long hours and the other offering a better work-life balance in Tech sales.
The speaker appreciates the respect and consideration shown by the Tech company towards work-life balance, contrasting it with the demanding nature of the previous job.
Encourages skeptics to look at testimonials and consider if their situation could improve in Tech sales.
Emphasis on self-improvement and finding happiness through challenges.
Mention of a book that brought back the speaker's smile.
Highlight of a free Tech sales course providing insights into career paths and daily tasks.
Rationale behind the high demand for Tech sales skills discussed.
Tips shared on conducting research and staying organized when applying for sales positions.
Importance of ideal customer profile, confidence, and skill development in career success.
Course careers offer necessary knowledge and understanding for achieving goals.
Guest Joseph emphasizes the impact of confidence on career growth and shares his inspiring story.
Taking time for personal and professional development is crucial for reaching one's full potential.