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Engineering Degree Tier List (2022)

Shane Hummus2021-12-26
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The video provides an updated 2022 engineering degree tier list, with systems engineering ranked at the top for high pay and potential future prospects. Biomedical engineering offers job satisfaction and meaningful work. Chemical engineering is highlighted for its high pay and demand. Mechanical engineering is popular and versatile. Mechatronics engineering combines multiple disciplines for great career opportunities. The video also discusses nuclear and petroleum engineering, emphasizing their pay rates and future prospects. Overall, it offers insights into various engineering fields and encourages viewers to engage with the content.

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Updated 2022 engineering degree tier list highlights systems engineering as the top-ranking degree.
Systems engineering offers high early and mid-career pay despite lower demand in the job market.
Agricultural engineering, a niche degree, is discussed with moderate pay but lower demand compared to other engineering disciplines.
College degree ranker tool used to evaluate the degrees and their potential in the job market.
Systems engineering is considered a good degree for the future and potentially underrated, while agricultural engineering is highlighted as a rare and specific degree.
Biomedical engineering is a promising field with high job satisfaction.
Early career pay in the field is $66,000 and mid-career pay is $114,000.
The career path is projected to lead to long-term happiness.
Individuals passionate about health and engineering are attracted to the field.
Biomedical engineering offers a solid career choice for those seeking a fulfilling profession.
Chemical engineering is one of the highest paying engineering degrees, with early career pay starting at $72,000 and mid-career pay at $127,000.
Civil engineering has about 13,000 graduates per year, with early career pay at $60,000 and mid-career pay at $102,000.
Computer engineering has about 7,000 graduates per year, with early career pay at $72,000 and mid-career pay at $120,000.
Electrical engineering has similar stats to computer engineering but offers more flexibility.
Environmental engineering has lower pay compared to other engineering degrees.
Comparison of Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in terms of pay, demand, and innovation.
Materials engineering is considered mediocre with lower pay and demand scores.
Mechanical engineering is highlighted for its flexibility and popularity, with a high number of graduates annually.
Abundance of mechanical engineering graduates gives the degree its own brand recognition, advantageous in the job market.
Mechanical engineering is seen as a common and versatile choice for those interested in pursuing a career in engineering.
Overview of Mechatronics Engineering and Engineering Technology Degrees.
Mechatronics engineering combines mechanical, electrical, electronics, and robotics engineering into one field.
Offers excellent career opportunities and solid statistics.
Engineering technology degrees, like construction engineering technology, are often misunderstood due to misrepresentation by for-profit schools.
This leads to misconceptions about the value and flexibility of these programs.
Overview of engineering degrees and their pay rates, demand scores, and future prospects.
Nuclear engineering is highlighted for its potential in transportation and energy needs.
Petroleum engineering is noted for its high pay scale despite lower demand and flexibility.
Provides insights into career paths and earning potentials in various engineering fields.
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