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Best Remote Jobs Tier List (Remote Careers RANKED)

Shane Hummus2022-07-13
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The video discusses the rise in remote job availability due to the global health emergency, ranking jobs from S tier to F tier. Entry-level opportunities like customer service representative, digital marketer, and instructional design are highlighted for their suitability for remote work. Various career options, including engineering and graphic design, are explored for their remote work potential. The segment also covers remote job opportunities in IT, medical coding, and real estate. Additionally, niche roles like tutoring and freelance editing are discussed, emphasizing the flexibility and demand for remote work across different professions.

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Ranking of remote jobs from S tier to F tier based on desirability and availability.
Remote job availability increased significantly due to the global health emergency in 2020.
Remote work appeals to both travelers and homebodies, with various job types offering flexibility.
Feasibility of accounting and customer service representative roles for remote work discussed.
Customer service representative roles highlighted as easy to secure with minimal qualifications and a Western accent for higher pay.
Overview of entry-level remote work opportunities.
Customer service representative, cyber security, data analyst, data entry, and digital marketer roles are highlighted.
Emphasis on ease of entry into these roles, demand for skills, and growth potential.
Some roles like data entry are noted for repetitive tasks, while digital marketing is praised for not requiring a college degree.
Importance of acquiring relevant skills and experience for career advancement is stressed.
Discussion of various career options for remote work, including digital marketing, engineering, graphic design, health careers, and instructional design.
Digital marketing and instructional design are highlighted as excellent choices due to demand and flexibility.
Engineering and graphic design are considered more challenging for remote work due to the nature of the work.
Health careers are generally seen as requiring in-person presence for effective communication and care.
The importance of a blend of artistic and programming skills for instructional design is emphasized, making it a popular choice post-pandemic.
Remote job opportunities in instructional design, information technology, medical coding, project management, and real estate agent are discussed.
Flexibility and demand for remote work in these fields are highlighted.
Possibility of working remotely for certain IT jobs and medical coding is emphasized.
Importance of face-to-face interaction in real estate due to significant decisions is mentioned.
Insights into the potential for remote work across different professions are provided.
Various career options discussed: real estate agent, recruiter, service industry, software developer, teacher, tech sales, and current job.
Recruiters can work remotely and earn commissions.
Service industry jobs are not remote-friendly.
Software developers can work remotely but breaking into the field is becoming more challenging.
Teachers can teach remotely in some cases.
Tech sales offer high earning potential even without prior experience.
Existing jobs may have remote opportunities.
Remote work is possible for up to 80% of tasks, but trade careers like plumbing and HVAC require in-person work.
Transcriptionists specialize in converting medical recordings into plain English.
Tutoring in niche subjects, such as pharmacy school entrance exams, can be a lucrative remote job.
Video editing is a competitive field, requiring exceptional skills for steady work.
Success in video editing can be achieved by finding a niche despite global competition.
Overview of remote job opportunities discussed in the segment.
Freelance editing and virtual administrative assistant roles are considered less lucrative.
Web designing and web developing are highlighted as more profitable options for remote work.
The writer position is saturated, requiring specialization and often leading to freelance work.
Insights provided on the remote job market, demand, and flexibility across different roles.