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7 Easiest College Majors With High Pay

Shane Hummus2023-04-21
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The video discusses seven college majors that lead to high-paying jobs, such as data analytics, cloud computing, nursing, accounting, economics, information technology, and management information systems. Each major offers lucrative career paths with varying levels of demand, pay, and job opportunities. Specialized technical skills, continuous learning, and adapting to rapid technological changes are emphasized as essential for success in these fields. Remote job options, flexibility, and high stress levels are also mentioned as factors to consider when choosing a career path. The potential for fulfilling and rewarding careers in data-related fields is highlighted throughout the video.

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Seven college majors that are easy and lead to high-paying jobs are discussed in the video.
Data analytics is emphasized as a valuable major in the modern world due to the rise of Big Data.
The potential to earn a high salary in data analytics is highlighted, comparing the power of data to oil or gold.
Entry-level data analysts can earn an average salary of around $70,000, making it an attractive career option.
Data analytics job opportunities offer high pay starting at $70,000 and require specialized technical skills.
Continuous learning is crucial in the rapidly growing field due to fast-changing technology.
Despite challenges, data analytics provides valuable insights and promising career prospects.
The speaker, with expertise in data analytics and a doctorate, warns against misleading information on college degrees.
The future of technology and lucrative job prospects in data-related fields are emphasized.
Importance of cloud computing in securely storing and accessing data.
Key players in cloud computing services include AWS, Azure, and GCP.
Global cloud computing market projected to reach $832 billion by 2025.
High-demand careers in cloud computing with an average salary of $88,000 per year.
Challenges for those entering the field include the need for specialized technical skills and the rapidly changing nature of technology.
Overview of Nursing Career Prospects.
Entry-level nurses make approximately $69,000 annually with potential for higher earnings based on specialization.
Nursing offers job security, opportunities for advancement, and various levels of specialization, including nurse anesthesiologists who earn nearly as much as doctors.
There has been a shortage of nurses for the past 20-30 years, indicating high demand in the field.
Nursing can be high stress, emotionally and physically draining, and come with high levels of responsibility.
Accounting is a stable and well-paying career that focuses on managing money and personal finance skills.
Financial controller positions offer high salaries over $200,000 a year but require more advanced skills.
Economics, a social science degree, deals with how money flows throughout countries and the world.
Economists make around $99,000 a year with high demand for their skills.
Job opportunities in economics exist at both the bachelor's and advanced degree levels.
Information technology is a lucrative career with high demand, pay, and job opportunities.
Entry-level roles like IT Help Desk provide an entry point into the tech industry with mobility between different positions.
Remote job options and flexibility make IT an appealing field to work in.
Downsides include the necessity for specific technical skills, adapting to rapid technological changes, and potential high stress levels.
Statistics show promising outcomes for IT degrees, with successful career transitions from unrelated fields to IT without access to a computer.
Benefits of a Management Information Systems degree in college.
Antoine's career journey from IT to tech sales, making over $540,000 per year.
Recommendation of 'Course Careers' for entering the MIS field.
Pros of MIS: high demand, high pay, and opportunities for executive positions.
Cons of MIS: requiring specific technical skills and the fast-paced evolution of technology.
MIS is a favorable option for remote or semi-remote job seekers.