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5 LEAST Regretted College Degrees

Shane Hummus2023-04-05
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The speaker discusses his journey from choosing a practical health-related degree to becoming a successful YouTuber, emphasizing the importance of exploring different paths. They highlight the benefits of a pharmacist career as a fallback plan and the rewarding aspects of healthcare jobs. The importance of choosing a career that brings value to society is emphasized, with a recommendation for careers in engineering. The discussion also covers the varying requirements for law enforcement positions, the value of researching career choices, and the debate over pursuing a computer science degree versus gaining coding skills through alternative means.

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The speaker shares his journey from choosing a practical health-related degree to pursuing his passion on YouTube.
Financial constraints and family responsibilities influenced his choice of degree, but he thoroughly researched career options at a young age.
Despite finding success as a pharmacist, he explored various side businesses, with YouTube becoming the most successful venture.
He made the decision to quit his pharmacy job to focus on his YouTube channel full time, highlighting the importance of pursuing passion over traditional career choices.
Benefits of a pharmacist career as a fallback option.
Low risk, good income, and free time are highlighted as advantages of being a pharmacist.
Leveraging pharmacist salary to start side hustles and successful businesses is discussed.
Reflection on the U.S. healthcare system, acknowledging issues but overall considering it a good choice.
Rewarding aspects of healthcare jobs, emphasizing the deeper sense of meaning from directly helping and saving lives, contrasting with professions like garbage collection.
Importance of choosing a career with meaning and value to society.
Criticism of blindly following passion in career advice.
Benefits of healthcare jobs for stability.
Recommendation of engineering for high demand and practical problem-solving skills.
Questioning the value of theoretical physics research on black holes for solving real-world problems.
The importance of research and understanding state requirements for criminology degrees in law enforcement positions.
Some states do not require a bachelor's degree for law enforcement positions.
True crime content online has made the field popular, but not all criminology degree holders thoroughly research their career choice.
Criminology degrees rank 326 out of 900 degrees, showing mixed success and satisfaction among graduates.
It is crucial to understand the practical value and demand for specific degrees in order to pursue a fulfilling career path in criminology.
Importance of researching career paths thoroughly before choosing, emphasizing overcoming anxiety and fear in decision-making.
Computer and information sciences highlighted as top career choices, with coding described as a superpower for commanding robots.
Coding, marketing, content creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership noted as skills with significant leverage.
Despite high dropout rates, technology degrees offer job opportunities before graduation, emphasizing practical experience alongside formal education.
Importance of Learning Coding Skills in the Tech Industry.
Learning coding is valuable and can lead to securing a software developer job.
Various paths like attending boot camps, certifications, or self-teaching are effective in acquiring coding skills.
Exploring job opportunities in coding is encouraged regardless of educational background.
Testing one's abilities in the field of coding can lead to potential success.