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13 Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs With The MOST Demand

Shane Hummus2022-06-13
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The video highlights high-demand, high-paying entry-level jobs like wind turbine technician and digital marketer, emphasizing the importance of certifications and specific skills for success. It also discusses various lucrative career paths such as technology sales, surgical technologist, web development, and cyber security analysts, detailing job growth and salary expectations. The certification process for solar photovoltaic installers is mentioned, with significant job growth and earning potential. Overall, the video provides valuable insights into various career opportunities and the paths to success in these fields.

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High-paying entry-level jobs with high demand are discussed in the video.
Wind turbine technicians can earn $56,000-$66,000 a year with a 61% job growth.
Digital marketers can make $80,000 annually, with numerous job listings available.
A case study of a digital marketer who skipped college and started at 19, making $70,000 at 20, is highlighted.
The importance of certifications and specific skills like SEO and paid ads is emphasized for these lucrative career paths.
Overview of high-demand career paths.
Digital marketing, technology sales, surgical technologist, web development, systems analysts, cyber security analysts, and UX/UI design are highlighted.
These careers offer lucrative salaries and job growth opportunities.
Specific details on job postings and average annual incomes are provided for each profession.
Overview of High-Demand Career Paths
UI design, software quality assurance, software development, data analysis, and real estate agent are discussed as high-demand career paths.
Software development has the highest expected salary among the mentioned careers.
The significance of catching and fixing bugs promptly in software quality assurance is emphasized for meeting company standards.
Insights into job openings and potential earnings for each career path are provided in the segment.
Certification process and job growth in solar photovoltaic installation.
Certification typically required, with significant 51% job growth projected over next 10 years.
Average salary around $64,000 per year, offering quick entry opportunities.
Installation can be done on houses or backyards, providing diverse work environments.
Further insights available through interview with successful digital marketing industry entrant.