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13 Apps That Will Pay You DAILY! (Work From Home Apps)

Shane Hummus2023-07-03
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The video explores various work-from-home apps like Jobble and Manolo, where users can find flexible job opportunities in different categories. It also discusses apps like Decluttr and Swagbucks for selling items and earning rewards, gaming loyalty programs like Missed Play and Just Play, taking online surveys for extra income, and earning money through gift card and food delivery apps like Ibotta and Caviar. Additionally, it mentions the availability of scooter recharging jobs in big cities and highlights the Tech sales field as a lucrative option. Overall, the video provides insights into different ways to make money through various apps and opportunities.

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Review of Work-From-Home Apps Jobble and Manolo.
Jobble pays over $10 per hour but takes a 39% commission from workers.
Manolo offers higher-paying jobs with more options compared to Jobble.
Both apps allow users to earn money on the side with daily pay.
Some jobs may not be available in all areas and could require specific skills.
Overview of Decluttr and Swagbucks online platforms for making extra cash quickly.
Decluttr was founded in 2008 and has paid out over a billion dollars to customers.
Decluttr is easy to use and pays quickly, but has high shipping costs and slow customer service.
Swagbucks is an online rewards program where users can earn money through surveys, games, and online shopping.
Swagbucks offers a variety of activities to earn money, with users making an average of $1-5 per day and has paid over $600 million in gift cards and cash to members.
Gaming Loyalty Programs: Missed Play and Just Play are gaming loyalty programs that reward users for playing mobile games with gift cards and cash.
Pros of Missed Play and Just Play: Pros include a wide game selection, daily point-earning opportunities, and real-world item redemptions.
Cons of Missed Play and Just Play: Cons include variable earnings based on time and effort, limited to mobile gaming, and high point requirements for some rewards.
Overall Opportunity Score: Missed Play receives a 7.5/10 opportunity score, slightly better than Just Play's 7/10.
Surveys On The Go: Surveys On The Go connects users with surveys matching their interests, offering real money for insights shared with surveys taking 10-15 minutes and potential earnings up to $12 per hour.
Earning extra money through online surveys.
Survey availability and qualification requirements should be considered.
Earnings from surveys tend to be relatively low.
Eureka offers slightly better pay rates for surveys.
Online surveys can be a decent way to make extra income in spare time, but not a high-paying opportunity.
Ways to earn extra money through gift card apps and food delivery apps like Ibotta and Caviar.
Ibotta offers cash back for shopping, while Caviar partners with high-end restaurants for food delivery, providing good tips.
Both apps have positive online feedback and offer flexible earning opportunities.
Ibotta has a wide variety of offers but requires a minimum purchase, while Caviar pays around $20 per hour plus tips.
Ibotta receives a 7 out of 10 opportunity score, while Caviar gets an 8.5 out of 10.
Availability of Scooters for Rent in Big Cities.
Recharging scooters is a convenient and efficient mode of transportation, with workers typically making between 50 and 100.
Sustainability and accessibility of scooter rentals, but availability may be limited and profitability depends on living in tourist-heavy areas.
Comparison between careers offering quick opportunities versus those requiring longer training, with the Tech sales field highlighted as a well-paying option with available courses for entry.