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11 Work From Home Jobs With No Experience Needed

Shane Hummus2023-06-21
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The video explores various work-from-home job opportunities, including roadside support specialist, remote travel agent, collection specialist, affiliate marketing, remote events coordinator, entry-level personal trainer, appointment setting, and business development representing. These roles offer potential earnings ranging from $44,000 to $100,000 per year, with pros and cons associated with each. The video emphasizes the importance of developing skills, building relationships, and being resilient in pursuing these career paths, particularly in sales and technology industries.

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High-paying work from home jobs with little to no experience required.
Roadside support specialist offers a salary of around $44,000 per year, with opportunities for problem-solving and networking in the vehicle industry.
Remote travel agent earns about $55,000 per year, with perks such as travel discounts and sponsored trips.
Pros of these jobs include gaining entry-level experience and the potential for higher earnings.
Cons involve quick response times, stressful situations, and the time it takes to establish oneself.
Overview of Collection Specialist and Affiliate Marketing Careers.
Collection specialists manage delinquent accounts, requiring resilience and adherence to regulations.
The career offers a chance to enhance communication and persuasion skills, gaining experience in finance.
Affiliate marketing involves promoting products online to earn commissions by driving traffic to partner websites.
This career allows strategic maneuvering in the digital landscape and offers growth opportunities.
Remote events coordinator role overview.
Involves planning and executing virtual events, conferences, and gatherings with attention to detail.
Requires multitasking skills for successful online events that foster community engagement.
Demand for role has risen with the increase in remote events due to the pandemic.
Opportunity to earn around $60,000 annually with diverse work challenges and the satisfaction of seeing visions come to life.
Entry-level personal trainers during the pandemic can earn $55,000/year by helping clients virtually.
Pros include making a positive impact on society and staying in shape.
Cons involve difficulty in establishing oneself, limited one-on-one work, and potential physical career risks.
Despite challenges, the career offers fulfillment for fitness enthusiasts.
Appointment setting is highlighted as a lucrative career path, with potential to earn $100,000/year from zero experience.
Career Opportunities in Appointment Setting and Business Development.
Appointment setters focus on developing interpersonal skills and can earn around $45,000 per year.
Business development representatives work with B2B companies, earning around $74,000 annually with potential for more through commissions.
The role of business development involves understanding products, industry knowledge, and problem-solving for clients.
Both roles offer growth opportunities and emphasize relationship-building and problem-solving skills.
Career opportunities in sales and software testing.
Sales roles offer high earnings and networking opportunities, while software testing allows for work in the technology industry.
Insurance sales can lead to high earnings, with entry-level agents making around $52,000 a year.
Pros and cons exist for each career option, such as meeting deadlines in software testing and the steep learning curve in insurance sales.
Business Development representative roles in the technology industry offer more opportunities than traditional sales roles.
Working from home is a viable option for these positions, with specific companies frequently hiring remote employees.
The speaker rates the overall sales opportunity in this field as 8.5 out of 10, emphasizing the importance of resilience to rejection.