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10 Best HIGH Paying Remote Jobs With Flexible Schedules [Backed By Data]

Shane Hummus2023-03-17
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The video discusses high-paying remote flexible jobs like Customer Success Manager and Instructional Design, emphasizing the potential for growth and job satisfaction. It also touches on niche blogging, affiliate marketing, content writing, copywriting, tech support, and software development as lucrative career paths. Easy remote job options like customer service representative, user testing, and data entry clerks are mentioned as quick opportunities, with data entry ranking low. The speaker recommends watching a video ranking 100 common remote jobs for more options tailored to individual preferences and skills.

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High-paying remote flexible jobs are available for those seeking non-traditional work hours.
Customer Success Manager positions involve communication with companies or high-ticket clients.
Remote careers such as Customer Success Manager offer good opportunities despite limited online information.
Instructional Design is a remote career option that focuses on creating training materials for educational institutions and organizations.
Instructional Design requires creativity and efficiency and offers a unique career path for those interested in education and training.
Highlights of Instructional Design Career Path:
Instructional design involves creating interactive educational materials, often in video or animation format.
Former teachers have successfully transitioned to instructional design and seen a significant increase in salary.
Career paths in instructional design can range from traditional employment to freelance work or starting a business.
Instructional design is considered a desirable career choice due to its potential for growth and demand.
Importance of niche specialization in blogging and attracting readers.
Backlinks from other blogs can increase traffic and revenue for bloggers.
Affiliate marketing requires more than just inserting links and can be challenging.
Combining affiliate marketing with platforms like YouTube or a blog can improve results.
Spamming affiliate links is ineffective, and content writing differs from blog writing.
Various types of content writing, like email newsletters and social media posts, do not need SEO optimization and focus on providing value to readers.
Copywriting, a lucrative skill, involves using written content to sell products or services.
Entry-level tech support positions, such as help desk jobs, require providing technical assistance to users facing system problems.
An inspiring success story showcases transitioning from carpentry and delivery driving to a help desk role using only an iPad, emphasizing the significance of seizing career growth opportunities.
The importance of learning valuable skills for job opportunities is discussed in the video.
The speaker emphasizes the ability to quickly secure dream remote jobs and encourages sharing the video with those seeking fast job opportunities.
Software development is highlighted as a lucrative career path, particularly for those aiming for early retirement.
The high earning potential and career opportunities for software developers are mentioned, making it a desirable field for financial independence.
The video briefly touches on chat agents and customer service representatives, emphasizing the advantage of English language skills for securing these roles.
Remote job options like customer service representative, user testing, and data entry clerks are discussed.
Customer service representative roles offer quick remote job opportunities but may not pay well or provide valuable skills.
User testing involves providing feedback on products or websites and is considered a decent side hustle.
Data entry clerk positions are easy to land but are perceived as boring and may offer lower pay and job satisfaction compared to customer service roles.
Despite their drawbacks, these jobs can be good options for quickly finding remote work.
Data entry is given a low score of 2 out of 10 as a remote job option.
There are much better remote job options available than data entry.
Watching a video ranking 100 common remote jobs from best to worst can provide valuable insights.
The video can help individuals find the best remote job suited to their preferences and skills.