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Compact Disks make Comeback: Memory could Exceed Petabytes

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Researchers have developed new optical storage methods using lasers to increase disk memory to the Petabyte range. This advancement allows for a single disk to store up to a Petabit by modifying synthetic materials with targeted depth. Challenges in speed and energy consumption remain for glass disk data storage with femtosecond lasers. Brilliant.org offers interactive courses in various subjects, including Quantum Mechanics, for effective and enjoyable learning experiences.

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New optical storage method developed to increase disk memory to the Petabyte range.
Multiple layers on a disk with lasers used for data storage, potentially allowing a single disk to store up to a Petabit.
Technology involves modifying synthetic material at a targeted depth by changing polymers' linkages through laser focusing.
Process includes using two lasers to initiate and terminate molecular property changes, enabling data writing and reading through light emission detection.
Advancements in data storage technology using femtosecond lasers on glass disks show potential for compact disk resurgence.
Challenges in speed, energy consumption, and commercialization still need to be addressed.
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Courses cover diverse topics such as Quantum Mechanics, making learning easy and enjoyable.