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why you understand English but CAN'T speak fluently

Ruri Ohama2021-10-22
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The video discusses the benefits of output-based language learning over input-based methods, emphasizing the importance of actively speaking and writing in the target language. Recommendations include maintaining a balanced ratio of input to output, utilizing platforms like Busuu for feedback and practice, and embracing mistakes as part of the learning process. The speaker shares personal experiences and encourages learners to prioritize enjoyment, motivation, and positive memories in their language acquisition journey.

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Importance of Output-Based Language Learning.
Input-based language education has limitations in developing speaking skills.
Output-based learning focuses on speaking and writing.
Research supports the effectiveness of output in language learning.
Balanced ratio of three parts input to seven parts output is recommended for language learning.
Importance of output-based learning in language acquisition.
Watching English videos and summarizing content actively helps in practicing expression and comprehension.
Lack of feedback limits correction of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation mistakes.
Utilizing platforms like Busuu to interact with native speakers for immediate feedback and improvement is recommended.
Feedback is crucial for efficient language learning, along with utilizing resources for grammar and vocabulary review to avoid repeating mistakes.
Importance of learning language correctly from the beginning is highlighted.
Busuu is recommended for grammar and vocabulary practice, offering personalized study plans for consistency.
Instagram is suggested for language output, encouraging learners to post about their target language.
Making mistakes is acknowledged as part of the learning process, with overcoming fear of ridicule being essential for language development.
Constructive criticism, including feedback on pronunciation and accent, is seen as beneficial for improvement.
Embracing mistakes and prioritizing fun in language learning.
The speaker shares personal experiences with learning English and German, emphasizing the joy of language acquisition.
Importance of not mocking non-native speakers and avoiding perfectionism.
Emphasizes the value of enjoying the learning journey, staying motivated, and creating positive memories.
Sponsorship mention at the end of the segment.